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Thanks again Heritage



When is a coupon almost not worth the paper it is printed on? When it comes from Heritage Auctions

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me begin by saying thanks again to the many bidders that participated in the auctions I had with Heritage. I can honestly say it was a very enlightening experience. I hope all of you took time to read my journal entries and have in some way profited from that debacle. I promise this will be my last words on the subject. However, seems those folks at Heritage just keep excelling in the art of screw ups.

After many attempts I finally reached a live person and explained my dissatisfaction with their services. After much to do, Leo Frese (VP of coin auctions) relented and offered me a 350.00 coupon to use on their site with any auction. Accordingly, I bid on a few items and the total with shipping and BP came to 349.15. I called customer service and instructed them to use that credit for my recent wins. The inbred blonde told me she would take care of it. HMMM, imagine my surprise to find an email from them saying my account was overdue, a week later. I called the customer service department back, this time I talked to an equally inept male and once again was assured he would take care of the matter. OOOPS, turns out I receive yet another delinquent notice. Another call to Heritage with yet another unfulfilled promise to take care of this matter. Finally, after a month had passed and another phone call the items arrived. It is truly satisfying to know, these folks can find gainful employment in these turbulent times. Too bad, I payed and payed and payed for the experience.

I noticed on the bay, Bowers and Merena were auctioning of a top PCGS set of Lincolns this week. I only hope the owner has a much better sale than I. I am certain, they made a better choice. Thanks for your time. wigglebutts



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