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I must have stepped off the planet....

Admiral Mike-migration


Because I certainly must have missed SOMETHING....

SRL made a post earlier today saying he was, basically, going to go to an all PCGS coin set, with one minor exception, and further went on to mention coins he is in need off for his registry set. Those coins needing to be in PCGS slabs... so what did I miss here??

Is this not the NGC registry? While I commend NGC for allowing PCGS slabbed coins into their registry, I firmly believe there should be at least SOME NGC graded coins in the sets on this forum, and I further believe a set should contain at least 50% NGC slabs in order to be considered for a registry award.

I hate to be rude..(no I don't, but it sounded good) .. but if you are selling your NGC coins, and are actively looking for slabbed coins from the "competition"... GO TO THE COMPETITION!! When you have NGC coins in your sets, I and other narrow minded people like me, will be happy to "ooh" & "ahh" over your coins. Coins in PCGS holders can be displayed at www.pcgs.com.

In a recent post, I mentioned that I was refocusing my collection to world silver crowns. This is one of my newest additions. Sweden 1897 2 Kroner, ***NGC*** MS65. This is about the size of a US half dollar. KM 762, mintage only 246,000. The 1897-O Half dollar is the closest with a mintage of 632,000. In MS65 it retails for $3,500. This Swedish beauty is nearly 3x as rare and I got it for a very small fraction. Score that a win for me!!

Have a great NGC collecting week.

Michael Cooper




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