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We do not have a monopoly on "Liberty"

Admiral Mike-migration


Nor do we have a monopoly on "The United States"

Lady Liberty is featured on the coins of several countries. The first one we naturally think of is the United States...with the Statue of Liberty being foremost in our minds. The new Presidential Dollars, which all feature this grand Lady on the reverse, is a symbol of the things we hold dear and true. But where did this grand Lady come from? France! As a gift celebrating our independence. France has had her own version of Liberty for many years.

Closer to home, our neighbor to the south, Mexico, has featured their idea of Liberty on her coins. Frankly, I think she is as beautiful as our own Liberty. Many nations have had "LIBERTY" as a prominent theme, because, like Americans, once having tasted the sweetness of Liberty, who would want the sourness of oppression? Check out some of the coinage from Peru in the thirties. Their grand Lady is seated with bold lettering "LIBERTAD" (Un Sol)

Mexico is not just "Mexico", though most of us just call it that... the real and legal name is "Estados Unidos de Mexicanos", The United States of Mexico!

We are more alike than not! Americans, North, South and Central are all (for the most part anyway) seeking life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness. Something to think about.

This coin is from The United States of Mexico. 1921 Two Peso. AU. Too bad that years ago it was lightly cleaned.




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