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2005 & 2006 Satin Finish Lincolns




Imagine. You login to your account and quickly peruse your sets in the Control Panel. To your amazement, you discover you have lost several hundred points and a slot or two (maybe more) in your rank. You open your set only to find coins have been removed from your set, separated into different designations and scores have been changed! I'm sure it's happened before but this is a first for me. I've only been around for about two years and so far have collected mainly in the Lincoln sets.

What is going on with the scores? Does anyone know why suddenly the 2005 & 2006 Satin Finish coins are now worth much less in point value than the business strike coins? Why were they changed only (at least so far) in the Lincoln Memorial Set (1959-2006)?

This seems like an awfully bad decision on the part of the Collector's Society since trying to find the business strike coins in MS69 (for those two years anyway) at this date will be all but impossible. If we had known ahead of time I believe most collector's, me included, would have purchased all four coins.

Another consideration. At the time these coins came out they were all about equally priced. With this shift in policy, the business strike coins you do find are going to jump in value.

Finally, aren't MOST coin varieties (and MANY error coins) grouped together so you have the option of buying only one coin per slot? Only major error coins in the Lincoln set like the 1972 DDO, 1955 DDO, 1983 DDR and the 1984 Doubled Ear are separated. That seems to be the case to me anyway!

At least I (we) know what we need to do for the upcoming coins, at least through 2009 which is the last committed year we have for mintage of the Lincoln Cent!



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