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Stepping Up Again

Six Mile Rick


Hi Friends,

 I have accomplished quite a nice little set of Jefferson nickels over the past few years. I am not one to run around looking for nickels but have been fortunate to get plenty offered as trades over the past few years. This January I was offered around 5 nickels in a value trade of $1000+. Adding those few more just step the set up even more. I enjoy interacting with others sets and helping them get to their goals on their collection. Here are a few of the new members of the Jefferson Steps.

 Fun traders!!

2542868_DetailsThumb_Obv.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM 2542868_DetailsThumb_Rev.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM

2413296_DetailsThumb_Obv.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM 2413296_DetailsThumb_Rev.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM

3093034_DetailsThumb_Obv.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM 3093034_DetailsThumb_Rev.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM

3092582_DetailsThumb_Obv.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM 3092582_DetailsThumb_Rev.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM

I will take a little extra time later on to get better pics showing the steps.




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The pics are a little smaller than I thought they would be.

Since it is hard to read the dates and I can't edit the post here are the coins in order;

1'st nickel -- 1945-S MS65 5FS

2'nd nickel -- 1947-D MS67 5FS

3'rd nickel -- 1953-D MS65 5FS

4'th nickel -- 1956 MS66 5FS

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Hi Rick, I think it's really admirable that you trade to help others improve their sets.  That is numismatic goal that we all should strive for.

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It sure makes coin collecting more fun when you team up with a few other collectors  building the same set. Without the teamwork I would just have my wife to talk to about coins. Do you really think she wants to hear about my coins? ----- :roflmao:

Edited by Six Mile Rick
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I know mine doesn't. I know she enjoys watching me spaz out with excitement when I get something cool (and she enjoys laughing at me over it) but she doesn't care about what I'm talking about. It's all just numbers and gibberish to her.

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I realize this thread got hijacked, but my wife also does not understand my happy dance when I secure a long sought after coin. 

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Dittos for me on the wife thing. Every year my wife comes with me for an overnight stay in Schaumburg, Ill. to the Central States show. However, she is more interested in a night dining out on the town or shopping for things other than coins! 

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