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Very Pleased with How These Came Out!



Okay... So I was working during naptime and in the evenings over the weekend, and work has been slow the first half of this week - both because the client on my main project isn't answering my questions and I think because they're not putting much on me right now having just gotten back from being at the hospital for two weeks, so I've taken pictures, and edited them and done some writing... but I just really want to show off these Rhodesian Penny photos and these banner images because I'm really proud of how these came out:








Having gotten those made, I took the images for the 1962 - an MS67RD, the highest grade and nicest looking coin in the set - and made this banner image.


I also made the following for a Venezuelan Bolivar Set. Banner images for sets like this are a little more "interesting" to me because there's more than one design and so there's more that I want to show and highlight. With this one, the things I really wanted to show and pull out are 1) The two (old and new-2021) portraits for Bolivar on the obverse, and 2) the Bimetallic bolivar and 3) the coat of arms, which, other than Bolivar, is the most commonly featured device on the coins.


Also at this point, all 12 coins in the Venezuelan set have a comment on them. I had to laugh a little bit because, when I opened my old Word file for saving work on this, most of my work had been done on 1) the 1989 coins that are not in this set and 2) the 2016 coins that I ... forgot to submit. lol So that pretty much had me starting from scratch except I'd pulled some vital stats on all the coins previously including weight, size, composition, etc. This is still going to be a work in progress as I still want to put in more design commentary and maybe layer in some more context. However, I went really hard on the history and the timeline for this period in my notes set, so I may not do that again for this coin set.


So... Yeah. I took advantage of some slow time to get this done, I'm very happy with what I got, and I wanted to share.

I took this recently and sent it to my wife saying, "can you tell how I like to relax?"




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On 11/3/2022 at 4:37 PM, dovegarden2021 said:

I think I'll get inspired by them ;) 

I hope you do! 👍

Always good to see sets with great pictures and banners when you go looking through a category. 

What sets are you working on?

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On 11/4/2022 at 5:32 AM, dovegarden2021 said:


at the moment on german imperial coins --> dovegarden2021 | NGC (ngccoin.com) 

I use coat of arms as banner and generic ngc pics for coins, but I'll do better :)

By the way, thanks for your journal. I always like to look in (thumbsu

Thanks! Always happy to hear the these are read and enjoyed.

I'm also a fan of German / Prussian Imperials because I think the old War Eagle design on the back is awesome to look at. In the set of mostly late 19th / early 20th century 0.18-0.25 ozt gold coins I have I think the Prussian 20 mark is one of my favorites from a pure design / look standpoint. But the last few years I've found my collecting efforts focused on sets of coins where I find the story of the historical context (hyperinflation) more interesting than the designs themselves in many cases.




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 Hi, nice coin. I'm missing 1913... :)

Earlier I collected british and russian coins, but shifted to german coins especially imperial but also older ducats, gulden and thalers. the older I get the more patriotic :preach: particularly the mints with letters C (Frankfurt, living in suburbs of the city) and H (Darmstadt, not far from here, where I spent my student days at university) 

at Darmstadt my few modest coins have been in the lead for the last few years in the registry :grin: As for the Prussians, I'm curious if it will be enough for first place when the coins are finished with the grading...



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On 11/27/2022 at 3:11 PM, ColonialCoinsUK said:

@Revenant Great pics - one of the first coins I bought as I expanded my British coins to British colonial - cost 20p at the time! Seems to be the only date I had :o


Nice shot of a pretty coin. Save for that one spot on the A that would probably grade very very well.

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