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NGC was fast on the plaques this year and I've completed my pair

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I checked the mail Saturday, expecting to find something else and found a package from NGC that I immediately realized had to be the new award plaque. It turns out it included the coin too.


We were outside with the boys and I showed the package to Shandy and she initially, seeing NGC, thought it might be the Zimbabwe and Italian coins.. somehow. lol I don't know why. She's seen the boxes from NGC before when coins come back and this padded envelope looked nothing like that, but, as she put it, the coins are just what she thinks about when she sees "NGC."

The package didn't get opened until late that night. If I look tired in the shot, it's because I was. lol Saturday happened to be a very big Pokemon Go event - a game I started playing with Ben, Shandy and my mother in law a couple of months ago and that's been eating up a lot of my normal social media, writing and coin time. lol I started playing it with Ben in part because I knew he'd need friends and allies to get the full game experience and It has also allowed me to learn the game and then teach those things to him to help him and my mother-in-law as she's gotten into it. It has turned into quite the bonding thing for all of us. Saturday turned into hours of trying to catch legendary Pokemon in group fights called "raids" and that turned into a teaching moment about community and teamwork and working together to do things no one could do alone.

But... I was tired when it was over. lol 

I couldn't help but chuckle at the coin choice this year - a 2021 MS70 ASE. This is exactly what I expected last year and then they really surprised me with the Morgan dollars. But, because of last year, I hadn't been expecting it necessarily this year. I was thinking it might be another Morgan. lol 

But, now that I have this, I have the twins - The two Zimbabwe plaques. :D 


Yup. Shirts changed. I didn't get the PMG plaque down from the office and take this one until the following night. Kids are exhausting. lol 

I have some things I need to post about when I can get a couple of hours to write one of these days / nights. I also need to stop trading with my wife at night and get us looking at those Venezuelan coins to get those lined up and ready.

As always, I'm very grateful to NGC (and PMG) for the awards and the recognition, and I am still very much excited about some new sets and new projects in the pipeline that I hope will prove worthy successors to this Zimbabwe project.

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On 2/28/2022 at 9:29 AM, coinsbygary said:

Congratulations! Your plaques and coin represent quite an achievement especially across two separate branches of NGC. Oh, is the ASE a Type 1 or 2?

Type 2. The new one.

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On 2/28/2022 at 5:47 PM, Coinbuf said:

Congrats, I was surprised that the awards showed up this early, was expecting another month or so from what I had read in past years.

They seem to just be getting faster and better over time. I waited much longer in 2008 / 2011 if I remember right and they were sending out fewer awards back then.

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Congratulation on a well deserve awards . You worked very hard for them and I hope you enjoy that special  feeling that goes with the devotion you showed us and a inspiration for all    Congrad's  again and keep up the great work.

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On 2/28/2022 at 5:47 PM, Coinbuf said:

Congrats, I was surprised that the awards showed up this early, was expecting another month or so from what I had read in past years.

Didn't think about this before but I take it you got yours? Congrats to you and I wish you luck for 2022! :)

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Congratulations! The hard work and dedication that you put into presenting your winning sets is evident when viewing them, and your proud look in the pics sums it up :) Looking forward to your next projects, and keep on writing these journals! (thumbsu 

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