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I am at #7 Overall and no idea how I got here



I have been collecting since I was 8 years old and turn 61 in 2 weeks.  I had the usual starts and stops but for the most part my collecting was always there for me.  I got more serious about a few series in 2013 when I got a new job and needed to escape to my coins.  By way of back ground I am a Trauma Surgeon and have seen suffering, death and dying on a daily basis.  Coins have ben my escape, my safe place, after God it is were I go for peace (this sounds weak and whiny but it is what it is.)  My first passion is as a type collector of pre-1964 US coins.  My set is not number 1 nor will it be but respectable at number 4 currently (https://www.ngccoin.com/registry/competitive-sets/90973/).  I got interested in putting together a set of nice Liberty Standing Quarters (SLQ) in an album, and did, but along the way picked up certified coins that I broke out for the album and the some that I just could not break out... Thus started my SLQ registry set (https://www.ngccoin.com/registry/competitive-sets/138325/) at a less respectable #12.  With this set I have sought eye appeal and full heads (holder designated or not) over grade numbers and points.  i.e. my 1919-D is a 58 FH that I replaced a 64 flat head with.  And I love the 20 Cent series, short and sweet.  I spent 7 years chasing my 1877 with cameo appearance, now #3 (https://www.ngccoin.com/registry/competitive-sets/185444/).

My point is that the registry Mark Salzberg and the great staff of the NGC registry have reenabled my passion of albums, both the cardboard and the virtual (registry.)   The NGC Registry is like a virtual Dansco or Whitman or Intercept Shield album.  I find that for me the coin is only fully in the NGC Virtual album (registry) once I have photographed it and placed a cropped photo in the set on which I am working.  The decision to again accept PCGS in addition to NGC makes NGC in general and Mark Salzberg in particular the bigger and better grading company, registry and man/collector.  My main point is that with 53 years of collecting NGC has been instrumental in helping me to keep collecting and my wits about me. Thank you.

Thank You Mark ,Thank You Registry staff and Thank You NGC for being inclusive (not PCG exclusive) and fostering our great hobby.

How did I get to # 7, very slowly with no goal to get there.







1927-S SLQ Med.png


1836 Gobrecht Slide.jpg


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