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Harder coin to find than one might think



I finally found an acceptable 1860 P $5 half eagle to add to my 1860 mint set.  Oddly the 1860 D (Georgia) issue if far more available.  By mintage figures for the two issues, ~20k vs.~15k, are comparable.  The Charlotte is in the 15K range and rarely seen while the San Francisco is at 21k specimens minted and a tough find.  Here is my new addition...

1860 G$5 Phili.jpg





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I don't know. It's an 1860 and Civil War era stuff has broad appeal. I could easily see anything from that period being in demand and commanding a big premium vs similar items from other years. 

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Congratulations on your new coin as mintages may not always be a guide to rarity.

I just picked up a 1814M 15 soldi for my Napoleon collection and this has a mintage of just 371 however the 1809M issue is much rarer even though the reported mintage is much higher at 14,858.

I suppose the 1809M got a lot of use as it was struck early on and the 1814M coins were saved as Napoleon's empire was in collapse at the time.

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On 11/1/2020 at 4:36 AM, ColonialCoinsUK said:

a 1814M 15 soldi for my Napoleon collection and this has a mintage of just 371

Did his website crash?!


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Hello John. Very choice au half eagle  in an older slab. Strong for the grade too. I love all Liberty gold 1840-1907. In all denominations. My focus has switched to the Eagles from the New Orleans mint. Just posted my 1860-O $10  Have to take new pics and post all the rest of the coins. My coin count in the Liberty Eagles is about 22. Little over a dozen from New Orleans. 
My last visit here was pre pandemic. PCGS coins were not allowed then. Now they appear they are. Still lacking well over a dozen N.O. Eagles Presently.

  Labor of love I say.  

And much patience... 

I look forward to looking at your 1860 mint set and others. Thx for sharing this nice piece of gold! And good luck in your quests  



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