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5 Years



So yesterday was our 5th anniversary - we are over 6 years into the relationship.

The 5th anniversary is supposed to be “Wood” so my wife had considered getting me a challenge coin / coin holder make of wood with the idea of putting a coin that relates to us / our relationship in it, but I don’t really have a coin that fits that bill - the closest I had was that Standing Liberty half she got me as an anniversary present last year, and, since it is in a slab, it wouldn’t have worked for this. And I did not want to crack it out.

We’ve been to England together and she lived there for several years as a child. She also lived in Italy for several years as a kid and wants to go back there with me one day. Maybe one of these days we can put together a display with a British Sovereign and an Italian 20 Lira coin. Maybe in one of those display boxes that holds two graded coins… That would look nice, I think. 😊

After some back-and-forth discussion she decided to get me this: A 2016 $5 GAE in MS70.


I’d tried to go in the favor of a 2014 coin - the year we met - and avoid 2016 - which also happens to be Ben’s Birthyear, but she wanted to go with 2016 and I understand that. It’s a $5 face value coin as a 5th anniversary present. Not a bad parallel / coincidence.

Before gold prices went up so much in the last year I probably would have tried to stretch for or toss in some of my coin budget to get a 1/4th oz coin, even though I already have one I’m holding to give to Ben one day. This one would be mine to keep! I may try to go for a 1986 coin or another 1/4th oz coin in a few months in the unlikely event that I get a bonus this year - we were profitable in 2020, which is nice, but I don’t know if we were profitable enough for everyone to get a bonus. Of course, I may go for that 20 Lira coin instead if I do… choices… so many options…

I still have not decided when exactly that 2016 gold coin is going to transfer to Ben’s possession but it’s going to be after I’m convinced that he’s old enough to make good decisions with it.

One of these days, when I win the lotto, I’ll get a 1 oz for 1986 (birth year for both of us) and 2016… and some 1920 and 1924 double eagles. Lol Anyway… I’ll dream more later… I’m good at dreaming.

The 5th anniversary can also be marked with Sapphires so that was the direction I went in - blue sapphire necklace and earrings set in sterling silver. The necklace was here in time, but the earrings haven’t shipped yet (supposedly I’ll get them around the 26th).


She also got a new blue wrap dress to go with it the necklace and earrings. She seems to like all three (or will like the earrings when they get here based on responses to pictures).

My shenanigans with all of this "coins" and "currency" and "photography" stuff all predates the marriage so she can't say she didn't know what she agreed to! But she's the real MS70.

I'll have to get a full body shot of her out at the park in some sunlight to do her justice in the dress.





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Congratulations! I can tell from your writings and photos that you are really happy together. I wish you many more anniversaries together! All the best! BTW, Nice gifts! The coin could not be anything else but a 70! Gary 

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A couple of better shots of her in the dress - wearing the blue shoes she bought to wear at our wedding which she's rarely worn since. The dress was blue for the sapphire jewelry but it matching the old blue heels 👠  was a nice bonus.



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3 hours ago, ColonialCoinsUK said:

Many congratulations!

You have a much better choice of gifts - our 5th 'wood' anniversary was a pile of planks for a new fence xD

If we owned the house and didn't rent I might redo our crappy old fence with all the broken planks.

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6 hours ago, gherrmann44 said:

Congratulations! I can tell from your writings and photos that you are really happy together. I wish you many more anniversaries together! All the best! BTW, Nice gifts! The coin could not be anything else but a 70! Gary 


Congrats on starting your third row BTW! 😆 


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