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  1. Thanks Ali, I do want to point out that the Order of Malta is a separate country without land today. It did get part of it's name from the country of Malta where it originated. They even have their own website. Look forward to finding a home for this coin.
  2. Need a home for my 2003 Order Of Malta coin: Seems to be no 500 lira spot in Malta.
  3. What is the Red and Green arrows by the score indicate? Why do they only show when you update a category (add a coin, add text, etc)? Attached is a pic of what I'm talking about. I only updated the text in these categories and the score hadn't changed.
  4. I was talking more like the following: US Type Set, including Modern Issues: Basic US Type Set, No Gold (7070): :The George Washington Crossing the Delaware coins are in these sets, Tuskegee should be too.
  5. Would like to see in the US Type sets.... Tuskegee quarters as a part of it. I am surprise it is not!
  6. Ali, Here is a list with link to the coins from your website: HAWKSBILL TURTLE 1c BONITA FISH 5c. GREAT BARRACUDA 10c. BLUE MARLIN 25c. MAHI-MAHI 50c. BUTTERFLY FISH $1. All these coins are silver and I hope this provides enough information.
  7. The linked page is on the sidebar (see pic):
  8. I just wanted to point this out as the webpages says different.
  9. Hi Ali, Is this statement still true as the awards page on this site says different..... IE X number of US sets and X number of world sets.
  10. Would like to see another British Virgin Island Type set added under TYPE SETS. 1985, Type Set, Silver Fish Proof Set coinage This set is a unique coin set that needs to be recognized. Maybe even include the Cupro-Nickle set as a separate set as well. Thank You,
  11. So I just sent in a total of 31 coins on 2 orders (20 in one, 11 in another) to help complete and improve my collection. I spend quite a bit of time deciding what I want to send, sometimes trying to help open up new categories or slots overall. But a majority is to move a few sets up the ladder. Winning last years contest helped me rate some coins and even conserve some of them. I'm working what to send next year as this is the last of my coins..... I have other hobbies to feed (Cruise Travel, Ham Radio, Model Railroading, MIDI Compositions, etc) and are being neglected by my coins lately. But I will say that the Pandemic has made my coin collection come to life. So I will slow down and plan next year's submissions. First submission for next year will be a Restoration Submission..... Large number of coins in this, so I'll be determining which ones to send. I do plan on taking pictures of these coins and taking "after conservation" when they come back. Many have mentioned they would like to see a "before and after" pictures of said coins. I have some simple and complex restoration..... I even have one that needs "help" because of PVC damage. Overall..... there will be a good sample of restoration from haze to material stuck on coin. I have 27 coins that need help.
  12. There is a lot of monitoring of the coin purchases online and coin collecting sites (like NGC's Registry) that they (the dealers) are looking at what they can get. Coins I couldn't find are now showing up on websites with prices that make me say.... "NO". Here's a prime example, for years I was looking for a 2007 Diane Fossey gold coin from Rwanda and searched the world ( have 2 from that search) high and low. Recently.... after finding these coins, rating one through NGC and placing it on the online registry.....a person posted one on eBay this year..... for TWICE the price I bought the other 2 together. So I contacted him and said you're a little pricey..... He replied and used MY coin's link ( ) to make his point. He didn't know I was the person he was quoting through our conversations until I mentioned (and showed it was me).... no more contact on his part. It's a little frustrating knowing this that I almost want to go private until the deadline. Dealers like this guy make coin collecting tougher than it should be. I just fell off my soap box
  13. I would like to request a new category in the country of Niue. Gold $25, 1.24g, 1994-1998, Proof I have identified 5 coins (and there could be more) that follows: 1994 John F. Kennedy, 1996 H.M.S. Bounty, 1996 Protect Our world, 1996 Wernher Von Braun and 1998 Olympics in Sydney (for the 2000 Olympics). I have a 1994 JFK coin you can reference: These and others were minted at this specific size (14mm) and weight (1.24 gram) unlike the current Gold $25 coins that are 20.6mm and 7.77 grams. Makes the 1.24 gram coin unique. Thank You,
  14. Should have ask if they could make you a label with a picture of a cradle in a kids room and have them put on the extra line "One of the babies!" LOL