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So much to say…



So, this will be long and perhaps rambling, but I have several things to touch on and I don't like making multiple posts too close together, so I just refuse to break this up.

At a different time in my life this probably would have been posted yesterday but you don't always get time to sit down and write with 2 kids under 5 around in the time of CoVID, and I had cube organizers to build. I snuck in some posting on the boards mostly on my phone, but I wanted to take my time with this more.

First and foremost, I need to thank NGC for the 3-peat on the Journal award and PMG for the “Best Presented Set” for my Zimbabwe signature set, “Gradually, then Suddenly.”

image.png.88055e774ec9210631fefc20ec9d2d05.png image.png.81fa8af84832b6a68308071dd0d036d3.png

The journal award continues to be a great, and appreciated, compliment to these writings. I’m glad NGC likes them. I’m always glad to hear others say they enjoy what I write.

That note set has been a labor of love for 2 years now. I’m super-excited to, next month, when I have a bit more spending money again, buy some raw examples of some notes I need to fill some final gaps and send those in for grading. I may also buy some old fuel coupons, branch into that and add that to the set / display / story of that set. I will probably go into more details on this later in a journal entry on the PMG side.

I think that’s also going to mostly close the book on that note set for a while. I’m not going to be in any hurry to start any major upgrades on that set for now. I’ve been building it like a man possessed for 2 years now and I’m starting to just feel a little tired and ready to move on to some other project, and I have some other projects / initiatives coming up in my life that are going to demand more of my time for a while. And, given that credit, I want to fill those holes and leave that set feeling more or less “finished” and it a good place, and that credit will let me do that. But, Again, “Thank you” to PMG, both for this award and also the article highlighting my Venezuelan Bolivares Fuertes Set in December. The greatest praise that that set has received however are the other collectors here that have called it out, said it inspired them to start collecting that series / those series (depending on how you look at it) or who say they’ve used to teach their kids something. There have been a lot of kind words sent my way from members and PMG lately, both for my family and about my writing, and it is really appreciated. I was also touched to see the call out to / for Samuel in the awards announcement. Sam is going to be posing with another plaque this year. :D

Speaking of Sam… It has become apparent that his shunt was mostly blocked and he was experiencing some ill effects of elevated intracranial pressure for a while – probably 6 months to a year. We had no way of knowing this before the surgery and you make the best decisions you can with what you know then. But, now that the pressure is gone his eyes are crossing less, he’s speaking more, he’s picking up new words faster, he’s getting better at walking faster. He was a Rockstar according to his physical therapists before but he’s accelerating. He’s showing signs of headaches still but those can apparently continue for 2+ weeks after the surgery. The cut meanwhile is healing well and we’re almost done with the period of daily baths that it required to keep him clean.

I still haven’t mailed those coins in, though I admit that at this point I’m also being given pause by the long back-log of packages they seem to be dealing with and the crush of new 2021 coins they’re getting in bulk submissions now. I’ve been stressing about having the grading credit from 2019 expire, but, now, I may just let it expire and use the 2020 credit again – since my brief reading of the front matter suggests that they’re giving the Journal authors the $500 credit again this year. I really do want to get those 10G coins re-holdered so they’ll all match and be super pretty and I want to get a few other things graded but this winter (year!) has been rough and crazy.

My wife and I had a little wine together after the kids were in bed. In part because of this, in part because the cube organizer was finally done, and in part because wine is just good.

The anniversary is coming up and I have part of her present. We'll see if I get the other part before Friday. One of her students yesterday morning told her that her Boyfriend was a lucky guy. 😆 When she showed him the ring, he said that He had an awesome wife. I'll agree with both statements. 😆



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Congratulations on the well-deserved awards! 


And I am happy to hear about Sam's progress. 


I celebrated twenty years of marriage this past year myself.  Marriage and kids are  well worth it......

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