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Survived that weekend...



Well, we got the negative Covid test from my Nephew late Friday, but by then my wife and Sam were already at the ER because Sam gave us the scare of our lives when he stopped talking and we were worried he might be having seizures or some other issue and might have shunt failure. Two nights at the hospital later, short on a lot of sleep, we came back home on Sunday after a day of observation saying, "we'll watch for now, move up some of his other tests and appointments and see if we see any more concerning behavior." The doctors don't want to do a shunt revision for now based on what they're seeing on the scans and one possible incident because they feel that, once you start doing revisions, you tend to just get more revisions.

So, one of my original goals for this weekend was to go to Hobby Lobby to get some 2x2 flips and more pages and start putting those coins from the father-in-law in flips and organizing them with grandpa's old coins (because some of them are from the same countries in different decades) and keep them for the boys. I don't really like doing Hobby Lobby but Michael's doesn't stock coin collecting supplies from what I've seen. Obviously I went to neither store this weekend but this did lead me to (in some of my tons of time waiting around this weekend) to find the BCW store on Amazon and at this point I think I'm going to just order some stuff from them to get it done.



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1 hour ago, dleonard-3 said:

We're all pulling for you and your family.  Hoping for the best for all of you.

Thank you! :)

1 hour ago, Just Bob said:

I hope everything is okay with the little guy.

Have you ever tried Wizard Coin Supply?

I don't think I have heard of them. When I hear Wizard I normally think of a company I used to buy comics from. I may have to look into them the next time I need something. Thanks for that.

We got a few mixed messages over the weekend. They initially were going to do a revision and were prepping him for surgery and then an attending put the cabosh on it. We thought his shunt had slipped further and that his ventricles had enlarged further but what we didn't realize was they were comparting to his scans from 2019 and it is unmoved and his sizes are stable when compared to his scan from earlier in 2020. So, while the shunt has slipped and the placement isn't as good as it could be, he seems okay for now and behaviorally / developmentally he seems to be doing fine. Which is why they aren't concerned enough to do anything for now. Yeah, he stopped talking and responding to us for 20 minutes at home but they didn't see that and it was just 1 event that, even if it was a real thing, might not be associated with the shunt / intercranial pressure, so they're not going to jump to a shunt revision. So I guess we'll see how he continues to do. So, really no change from before, he just decided to scare the mess out of us.


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