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Got the award / plaque, now to the Post Office?



A couple of weeks ago now I received the award I'd referenced previously. In true 2020 fashion I got to receive a professional award in a Punisher tshirt and sweatpants.


Because the organization wanted good pictures with the newsletter we had to re-do this in a suit and I got the whole family in on it.


As the corresponding (and surviving) author, both plaques were sent to me and its my task to mail the other plaque(s) to the other author(s), or, in my case, to his family.

While that is something I definitely don't class as "happy" I'm going to try to make something a little more positive come out of this and use the trip to the post office to mail off a coin submission while I'm at it. Because, yes, that thing I came up with the plan to do in July, which I said I'd do in mid-October, is still not done. However! Using this as motivation, I did get myself to fill out the first of the invoices I need to do today. I did the one for reholdering the 10G coins. I need / want to make out a couple more for some Civil War tokens and a gold coin I want to submit.

This has me thinking about how I want to ship them. Part of me thinks it silly to worry about proper shipping / packing when they'll be cracked out and reholdered on arrival but I'm also going to be sending some other things in the same box... but then... maybe that's a bad idea. Maybe I should just bite the bullet on shipping and ship the tokens and raw gold separately...

Of course... literally as I write this I'm finding out in the near term that this is academic for now. Apparently there's a chance my nephew has Covid (we'll know in a week) and my wife saw him just a few days before he started showing signs... So... as I write this, I realize I'm probably not going to get to do much or go anywhere for a few days... She saw him just a little before the contagious window was supposed to start if it is Covid but we have nowhere to go now and no one to see regardless. Everyone else in our circle is going to be quarantining now.

Joy. No more small private birthday party or bouncy house for the boys this weekend... Ben is going to be very disappointed... He isn't going to get to see his cousins now.





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7 hours ago, Just Bob said:

Ben really has grown! He doesn't even look like the same boy.

Facebook has that thing now when it will show you old posts and photos from years ago and I'm always amazed by how much he has changed in 1, 2 and 3 year timeframes.

He is as big as his 7 year cousin and it's hard sometimes to remember he's only 4, but mentally / developmentally he's definitely still only 4.

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