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"Ga" is for Goldfish, "P" is for "Poins"



Sam is obsessed with Goldfish, and shoving them in his mouth all day. He's started saying "Ga" for for Goldfish when he wants them. This means he's working on learning to say "gold," which is a lovely word if you like coins IMO.

Meanwhile Ben has recently cropped up with "poins" and telling me he took my "poins." I had thought we'd gotten past this and he'd figured out "coins," but it has made a comeback recently. My wife doesn't want me correcting him too much because she thinks its adorable. I think in its origins is the word "points" and him having trouble with the t sound, but he is definitely using it to refer to coins.

I had the thought again last night about trying to buy and submit some Zimbabwean bond coins to make a registry set of them to go with my notes. I had thought about this early in the year but got distracted by the pandemic. The thing that strikes me about it in my shopping is I can't easily find sellers selling sets of them in the US. The sellers I'm finding are in China, Bangladesh, Ukraine... I'm wondering if there aren't many collectors / people interested in these in the US.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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I had never heard of these coins so I had to do a google search, kind of interesting design and an unusual reason for the coining of these.

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