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Starting work on PawPaw's coins



Some of the 2x2s I ordered came in today and Ben wanted to play with them not really understanding what they were so I agreed to work with him with them when Sam was napping.

We sat down with the bag of coins from PawPaw and the staplers and tried to put some in the 2x2s. He lost interest quickly. He still struggles with the stapler. He's young. He doesn't get it fully. I'm easily more interested in these than he is, but maybe that'll change with time. He's four. I still need to remember that and I need to start him slow. I'll enlist his aid again to sort them by denomination and put them in pages when the pages get here.






I made more progress than he did but I still gave up well before it was done. There's a lot in the bag and I was growing increasingly frustrated by the fact that many of these are larger and need half-dollar sized flips, which haven't come in yet... probably because I didn't actually order them (now that I check) because I'm a dumdum.


I feel like I live in chaos... In the background you see my son's Bakugan (new obsession) in the piece of packing material from a new kitchen garbage can, which he claimed as his "Bakugan Field" and the gingerbread house kit I just bought, and ornaments from working on the tree and my laptop, with the living room TV remote... in the dining room... for reasons.



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