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  1. Thank you so much...I'll watch for the credit. Appreciated!
  2. As mentioned...I sent an email through contact us, I also left a message on customer service voicemail...I also replied to you in this thread... So far, nothing, nothing, and nothing. Also can you please answer my question...if I received any free grading when I registered last year is it still valid? Please change my subscription to the basic version and refund the difference.
  3. Thank you for replying! Yes...I did want it to renew, but at the basic $25 membership.
  4. I had no idea auto renew was turned on... the system sent no warning that it was about to auto renew so no chance to change my choice of membership level. The system did send me a notice that it had just auto renewed. I submitted a form through contact us...no contact yet. So I also just left a message for customer service at the main phone number... Also, if I have free grading from last year that wasn't used does it expire?
  5. I won't claim that there is proof but there has been some very serious research into this as well...it does not seem that China (which it has already generally been agreed around the world that the source was somewhere near Wuhan) purposely released a virus or that it came from infected bats in a farmer's market either. The video below is the most honest research I've yet seen, but I am not an immunologist or Dr. of any type. It seems that there was research being done in regards to finding a way to make a virus (SARS) have the ability to jump to humans...it's very likely that due to safety measures that are not as extreme and thorough as the one's that some countries have in regards to dangerous viruses that it was in fact a manipulated virus which was totally accidentally released from a research lab. If you think about the concept of a virus that would basically attack all humans equally it just doesn't make sense that it would've been released on purpose because the "bad guys" would be targeted equally. That's as non-political as I can state what I have heard and seen and offer no opinion other than encouraging everyone to do the things to stop the spread and lower the risks, considering this thread has kind of changed directions lol! Although this really is all about having truly safe coin shows again right?!! Please don't ban me as I am offering impartial non-political info here! This is a video with a purely scientifically researched approach to the source of the virus and how immunologists can trace the virus' origins using research data and studying the proteins of the virus itself if you haven't seen this one yet https://youtu.be/3bXWGxhd7ic It even includes some of the researchers in North Carolina from the Golden Triangle research area (where my Mom also works) who were directly involved in investigating this virus... please draw your own conclusions and don't post them here!!! My attitude is that this has all already happened and at this point it's like riding a motorcycle, you wear a helmet and pay attention 100% of the time always assuming if something happens it's going to be someone else's fault and in doing so protect yourself and others! Yes, my other car is a sport touring bike...I've been on motorcycles since the early 80's I hope to get back to that soon as well too!
  6. First off and straight up...This seems to be a theme question for people who are out to somehow prove that masks don't work or help. But I'll give you an answer which is really for everyone. Keeping in mind that my relatives, all with quite a bit of close Covid contact and work in the medical worlds continued to test negative, but their protocols were even stricter than mine. Our family has had no contact and no travels since the start of this. Based on the timing of my infection, I was infected by neighbors throwing large unmasked parties before Christmas. I averaged leaving my apartment about once a month for supplies and everything was always disinfected on arrival including mail and always masked when I left. There was over a 3 week gap in my last time getting supplies and when the infection's symptoms hit me. When I came home with supplies or grabbed the mail everything was disinfected and sat for a day or two first. No deliveries and nothing but going out for essentials. I was super diligent from the start because I'm in a few high risk groups including diabetic. Based on that timing...the apartment building I'm in is very small with only about 10 large units, very narrow hallways and the vestibule air is always pressurized and constantly blows into our apartments. During the neighbor's upstairs parties they had both children and adults hanging out in the hallways and sometimes right up against our doors. I had a few instances of getting something by my front door to look out the peephole and realize there were people 2 feet away from my face on the other side of the door. Sometimes kids playing in the hallway unmasked during their parties. I also happen to have a landlord who delivers notices to the clips on our doors unmasked. In addition I have a next door neighbor who ended up having a very serious case of Covid just before me and she did everything unmasked as well (she regrets that as she now has very serious lung and other health issues). She already had severe health problems before being infected and would take minutes to get down just a few steps and was dragging her unmasked self down the walls even after she was infected. She now has full time medical care as well. Turns out that right around the same time I got it a couple of the partying neighbors upstairs got it as well, I had found out later. There is no way to be totally sure of course...but based on not having left for over 3 weeks and suddenly coming down with it, it had to have come right through my apartment door. With no explanation in context this sounds crazy...but this is what happened to me and I truly didn't appreciate it. I have since moved any essentials away from the front door. I tested positive at New Year's after having a couple days of horrible symptoms. As a reminder to everyone, yes you can get infected while doing everything right, it's happened to some in the medical communities as well. The concept is how dramatically reduced the numbers are when one or both people in close contact are properly masked. Percentages can't be totally accurate due to a bunch of factors...face mask fit, distancing, natural resistance, air flow, etc... But it works like this...if there is very little distancing...with regular non-medically fit masks... Both people no mask - 80%+ infection rate. Healthy person masked - 40% infection rate. Infected person masked - 7% infection rate. Both people masked - 2% infection rate. A few important points I've learned from my Mom (an ICU and Emergency room nurse for decades) and others including my own Dr. and Nurse... surface contact infection is known to be pretty rare except in places where certain shared surfaces is frequent. Touching your face and or mask after touching a heavily infected surface will dramatically increase the risk. Outside infection is also quite rare as the infection becomes very diluted quickly and full sun UV kills the virus quickly. The more of the virus initially infects you, the more serious the infection tends to be, flu is like this too. It is HIGHLY contagious compared to just about anything. Once infected symptomatically there is a very high chance of it becoming serious or deadly compared to just about anything. In the medical world the masks are properly fit and usually combined with a shield. Everything is also treated as disposable so they are not re-using masks after touching them with gloves for example. In North Carolina where my Mom is a nurse they have opened the first clinic that is fully dedicated to treating post Covid patients. It's run by Duke in the Golden Triangle area where much of our research has been done. They are referring to the long-haul effects now as an actual disease/disorder for many. They are estimating that as many as almost 30% of symptomatic cases turn into various lengths of long-haul effects, some lasting now for many months or even the full year since this has happened. It's tough to guess at the percentage for the asymptomatic people because a lot of them didn't even know they had it...until their long-haul symptoms showed up. My long-haul symptoms took weeks to start manifesting. Over 200 symptoms have been identified now...it's a BIG deal. Some of these are life changing issues and will continue to effect obvious things like the economy. Although children and younger people tend to get infected less and have the serious issues less they still transmit it just as much. In regards to the long haul effects though...age, race, gender does not seem to matter if it was a symptomatic case. Trying to Make Sense of Long COVID Syndrome - https://directorsblog.nih.gov/2021/01/19/trying-to-make-sense-of-long-covid-syndrome/ It's only been one year and there is an enormous amount of research happening. Most of these long haul effects seem to be from cell damage, nerve damage, and neurological effects. I hope that all helps.
  7. I qualify for the vaccine here in Colorado at the end of this week... and would really have liked to get to the 2021 Spring Coin Show in Loveland March 20-21 but I am dealing with truly horrible long-haul issues after having been infected at the end of December. Everything people say about being tired of basically protecting yourselves and others really makes me wonder who's gotten to experience this close up. I would assume that any reasonable adult here who was experiencing what I have for 2 and a half months after 'recovery' would change their tune real quick about what they're willing to deal with or inflict on others in order to not be sick or doing things to protect each other. I'll give you a small list for perspective, and I was lucky enough to not need hospitalization... I'm 51, male and athletic... Tested positive at New Year's after beginning to get sick around Christmas...worst sinus pain of my life, easily the worst torturous headaches of my life, no fever but rather experienced nearly hypothermic temps all the way down to 95.3, lost my taste and smell (and I mean ZERO, can't smell smoke or gasoline or bleach or food or coffee, absolutely nothing and if you think that's easy to live with you are sadly mistaken! A friend reminded me to check the batteries in my smoke detectors because I genuinely can't even smell a burnt match), fatigue so extreme it's tough to describe, brain fog that basically stops time, sweats, chills, cough, blurred vision, lack of appetite and trouble staying hydrated, numbness in the extremities, my hands started to peel like a bad sunburn does, rashes, painful throat, muscle pain and what felt like bone pain, sleep for more than a few hours was impossible and makes everything worse...this went on for over two weeks. ...Then about 3 weeks later after feeling like I never fully recovered the long hauler symptoms started showing up and in fact are still showing up. My taste and smell are still essentially gone. I get micro moments of either and then absolutely nothing! The most intense symptoms that never left and then got worse were my fatigues and brain fogs (which are surprisingly hard to describe). Then a new symptom, waking up is torture...sometimes it feels like I was jumped and thrown off a train in the morning. Sometimes it feels like my limbs are all asleep, sometimes it feels like bone pain all over my body. Then those unbelievable headaches started showing up again, they are not normal headaches even compared to migraines. A couple weeks ago a quite loud tinnitus showed up, not a high pitched whine but more like the static from a television and it is 24 hours a day. Sometimes days with absolutely not even those micro-seconds of taste and smell. Something being referred to as Covid dreams showed up a few weeks ago, they are just incredibly strange for dreams and are also hard to describe because they are a mix of dreaming and being awake and fairly disturbing sometimes. Sleep has been an issue since day one and getting good sleep is beyond difficult. There is more... but maybe you're getting the idea here. What has been found is that plenty of asymptomatic people are also later experiencing long haul symptoms. Considering it's thought that possibly a fifth of the entire country has been infected and that possibly 20% or more are experiencing long-hauler effects...that's simple and very conservative math. The vaccines are doing a wonderful job against variants. It does an amazing job to reduce the severity and symptoms and transmissions. Once I get the vaccine I will be going to shows, I will still be wearing a mask to protect others because I can still spread it and the variants. If you are hanging out with others who you know have gotten the vaccine it is safe to hang out unmasked. If you choose to be just sick of protecting yourself and others and do careless things you are in fact contributing to horrible things. Maybe some have forgotten that this is massively more infectious than the flu or cold, it is the main reason so many got infected and the fact that it is far more deadly exacerbated everything. From my point of view this is about respect...Americans tend to not even wear a mask when they have a fever and a horrible flu when they go to the supermarket for their Sudafed! This type of simple respect and obvious consideration for others should be part of our culture in the future. My younger brother has been living in Japan for over 30 years and there that is what those masks have been about for many decades now. It's considerate to want to save the lives of others or even just not make them ill. Too many Americans are utterly consumed with image rather than caring. Other than while you're putting food in your mouth the mask effects nothing about any claimed "freedoms"...you can jog, workout, wear your gun, go shopping, etc... do it for me and the others who are even worse off. You can and likely will be re-infected and if you were lucky it might not be asymptomatic the next time and you might not escape the long-haul issues next time. At some point covid will be much more like a cold for almost everyone who catches it...it may even be more like that by the end of this summer!!! Enjoy the coin shows!!! Be proud of being vaccinated, be proud of going out of your way to protect others!!! Wear a mask to the store the next time you even have a cold :-) My immediate family is filled with EMT, Firefighters, and ICU and Emergency room nurses...and somehow I was the only one who got infected...but my family has gotten to see the worst of it up close...do it for those frontline people as well! Just because you or your family has escaped this doesn't mean that other people's incredible losses shouldn't concern you! I just lost someone in my family, she was 94 and did not die from Covid. She had to leave Germany as her family was disappearing when she was 11 and lived through much much worse than this and she knew how to wear a mask just fine and even encouraged it from her wheelchair. Let's wage this war against this uncaring truly rude virus until it's truly over!!! Coin shows with or without masks once we get there will be equally satisfying knowing that some of the people you saw there don't get doomed to what I described above or actually die of complications as a reward for needing to enjoy the show unsafely by them or someone else who was there. I truly love all of you, these coin communities... Love wins! You don't have to be an old hippie to know that
  8. I'm going to toss out my very first thought...King Farouk. Easily one of the most famous 'King' collectors who had one of the most famous liquidation sales of millions of dollars of his coins in 1954 arranged by Abe Kosoff. In fact I distinctly remember seeing an interview with Q. David Bowers telling a hilarious story about the fact that King Farouk actually enjoyed shining up his pattern coins with silver polish! Many years later (and David knows this first-hand) some of those same shined up famous pattern coins from King Farouk's original collection were then graded as very high quality proofs. True story! There is a ton of information about King Farouk's unbelievable collection both in books and now via 'Googling' I'd add that the most amazing thing about coin collecting is you can be any type...from 'peasant' to actual royalty and there is something(s) wonderful for entry to collecting all the way up to a lifetime of serious collecting at pretty much any income level...as long as you can support yourself, no matter what that means to you. :-)
  9. Here's a bunch of info for you... We would need MUCH sharper pictures to make fairly accurate grading guesses. But even the people here who are more expert than I am aren't always right on the money with our guesses. From your current photos (and you only need to post one clear one of each side for us) it does look nice. By the way you do have a nice sharp photo of the obverse there so good job on that! But, I believe I'm seeing slight wear from circulation which would place it in the AU category rather than anywhere in the MS. Look at his cheek and the edge of his suit and bowtie. MS can have marks from other coins but can't have any wear from actual circulation. Also this looks like a 1960 Large date which doesn't exist graded above MS67+. You would be looking at some retirement money if yours were an MS70 :-)
  10. You'll find that the newer design with that larger Jefferson portrait will almost all have FS, even the heavily circulated ones. The new Monticello design is a tiny bit larger and slightly better defined.
  11. One thing to think about is how much force an extra hardened die would need to make a nice crisp strike on steel. If it were a steel planchet I would expect the strike quality to be a bit mushy...as the die is not designed for steel.
  12. I'm not sure where you heard that...but I can tell you with utmost certainty that's entirely and dangerously incorrect. It's actually many times deadlier than flu and far more contagious...Just ask a doctor.
  13. Maybe not the right forum ...but you can be re-infected and unless you've gotten the anti-bodies test you have absolutely no idea if you got infected or know if you are still resistant to it if you were. Some people just don't get infected...so I would advise that you don't play with fire and actually find out...because I don't want you to have it, or your wife again either! Some people are having a much more difficult time with the 2nd round! Unfortunately I have been through it too and grateful to be alive but still experiencing all kinds of wacky after-effects. The true problem is the concept that people THINK they are behaving safely, they are not... I was infected right through my closed apartment door, the timing of my infection confirms this for me. It is beyond ferociously contagious, please be careful!!!
  14. Super interesting and beautiful! I have a degree in Commercial Photography from the days of emulsion film and I even have a couple awards from various Kodak photography contests in the early 90's. And even though I've been a coin collector since the 70's I'm not sure I recall ever seeing any coins or medals having to do with large photography clubs...Awesome. Thanks (and to Zoins too) for sharing!