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Michael Byrne

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Conder Tokens Art In Copper



My friends. I'm sorry I have been away from the site. I have had a run of bad luck. Surgery in May and I broke my hip a month and a half ago. So with rehab it's been tough.. I have written allot about these little gems. That's what they are. Underrated here in the United States. Well some.if our coins are underrated. I want to change that. Why kids and collectors are missing out on some of the most beautiful tokens you ever saw. Recently someone read my writings and decided to write an article. If it  gets published that will be good for the hobby. If not it won't help it. 

  All I ask is that you look at them. I think you will be surprised. I was when I first saw them. You might like them and you might not. That's the hobby. We collect what we like. I will be keeping this short. Those of you who have commented I thank you. I will be sending more to NGC. My art on copper. When I get them back I will post them with the others. So let's hope this gets published. Not for me. I'm old and tired. But for the good of the hobby. That's what I care about. That others will learn like I did about all sorts of coins,medals and tokens. They have so much to do with history it's remarkable. So take care enjoy collecting and keep this hobby going. Thanks . Mike



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The condor tokens are a very interesting group of medals I have over the years read about them in several different coin forums and seen many pictures of them as well ....I like them and since I have a fondness for copper I have considered collecting them myself. Right now I'm looking to form a new collection other then my Icelandic coins. I have decided on northern European coins.... nothing new  since I'm not big on modern stuff ...the more detail a coin has the more I like them.    

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Then my friend if you look at my tokens. And read what in-store and you like detail. Then you might like these. The prices go from forty dollars and I have seen thousands. One sold from the Conder National Series MS 61 for twenty five thousand.. There detail is remarkable some of the die winners must of spent weeks making them. Take a look it can't hurt. Lots of luck on whatever you decide. Thanks. Mike

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