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Where did 2019 go?



It has been nice to see that people have been making progress with their collections this year, unfortunately work commitments have meant that I have made very little progress on my goals for 2019 - apparently my employer is starting to become aware of something called 'work-life-balance' so hopefully things will improve a bit.

I seem to have missed a number of key coins as a result, one of which went for multiples of an already top end estimate so this would have been impossible anyway - apparently my wife feels that taking out a mortgage on the house to buy a coin is not appropriate!

My impression is that there are many many more graded world coins appearing at European auctions this year so I am glad I had moved into slabbed coins a few years ago and I think the NGC Census/Registry has just highlighted how 'rare/uncommon' alot of decent grade world coins are, particularly amongst the smaller denominations. The downside of this is that such coins are now commanding a premium which is somewhat pushing them out of reach.

As my coin collecting began by searching for die numbers on Victorian sixpences, and to scratch the 'need to buy a coin' itch I have recently bought some low grade raw world coins to explore further die varieties etc I had identified within my collection. Even with the wealth of information on British coinage there are plenty of gaps and for many European/world issues there is surprisingly little detailed information available at all even for the popular collecting areas. Despite what the reference books say some of these coins are not even remotely 'common' and the highest grade example in the archives may only be in VF (or lower) even though the price guides often give all the dates in a series the same values, and also values for all the grades. My wife says I should write a paper/book on some of these discoveries however she didn't specify where the extra 24 hours each day was going to come from!



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What you have said in your above journal I can really relate too. I myself have found me in many situations of having the lack of funds to buy some of the coins that has come up for auction in the past. I have also noticed the increase of slabbed coins in the European market as well... I guess the trend of having a third party graded coin in a slab has grown in both popularity and necessity to in sure that the coin you are buying is genuine and problem free.

I have found a few new varieties for the Icelandic coins from 1922 to 1942 and post one of my finding in the Cointalk forum a few years back with pictures and to my amazement the seigs catalog used my pictures in there book to show a variety that I found. I have thought of contacting them about this.....maybe they will send me a free catalog or just tell me to bugger-off....What do you think.

Well just hang in there ...All good things come to those who never give up     

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Congratulations on completing your Registry Set! I am not familar with the seigs catalogue - is this just a list of all the denominations etc, like Krause? As you now have a full set of the best examples of the coins maybe you should put together a book which not only includes newly discovered varieties but also some history and other info relating to the coins - this would be much more interesting and useful to a collector and is the sort of thing only a specialist could do. It still surprises me that such information is lacking for whole areas of world coinage and the more I look into it the more gaps there are - given I collect a wide range of things the problem is working out where to start!

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It was definitely a bit frustrating to let an 1880 and 1885 10G slip away when they came up after Ben's birth, but, when you don't have the cash, what can you do? I guess you could get them on credit in some cases but I refusing to pay fees and interest for hobby / "fun" purchases. If I can't buy it outright I don't like getting it.

Hopefully you get another shot at some if those coins later.

I had a lot of fun pointing out to my step-father recently that, while the collector's value and numismatic premium (value over melt) of his 1932 set is much higher than that of my 10G set, but, if you look at mintages and pop reports, some of the coins in my 10G set are objectively much rarer - which makes it more frustrating when you miss a chance at one. Lol

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Revenant, your 10G set is coming along nicely and nice examples of coins will always command a premium.

There are only three known examples of the coin I missed out on and it was the only one to appear at auction in the last 30 years, I am hoping it will prompt another one to appear! Another coin I missed was the only MS example with the other examples known (<5) all being VF or lower - surprisingly this situation is quite common for many world coins and I regularly find other examples. Here in the UK you can get credit cards with no fees and 0% interest for 12 or 18 months and I have used such a card in the past to buy a couple of coins, as a paid it in full by the end of the interest free period I was able to spread the cost of the coin - anything similar in the US?

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5 hours ago, ColonialCoinsUK said:

Here in the UK you can get credit cards with no fees and 0% interest for 12 or 18 months and I have used such a card in the past to buy a couple of coins, as a paid it in full by the end of the interest free period I was able to spread the cost of the coin - anything similar in the US?

Depends. Sometimes you get cards and there's an intro / teaser where you get 12-24 months of 0% interest for the first 12-24 months that you have the new card. Some cards will give you 0% interest for 6-15 months if the purchase is over a certain dollar amount. I had another card that would give me $100 in cashback as a bonus if I charged at least $500 or $1,500 to the card in the first 3 months I had it - I forget which but I think it was the $500. It can definitely be fun to take advantage of those deals sometimes.

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