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An Interesting Comparison



Revenant's recent post about FUNKO POP figures has me thinking about the many parallels between the current numismatic market and the comic/pop culture market.  Earlier today, I saw a press release from Coin World about plans to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Carson City Mint.  According to the Press Release, on 01 August, The Carson City Mint Building will fire up one of its Coin Presses and mint 200 copies of the 1870-CC Half Dollar (with the word COPY stamped in the field, in pure silver).  If you want to obtain one of the first 200, you must buy a ticket to the release party, $140-$150, and then you must participate in a lottery to find out what your number of the 200 struck, will be yours.  On 02 August, a further 2800 will be struck for the general public to buy for their retirement portfolio.  I am assuming the numbers from 201-3000 will be sent either randomly or based on your order date.   Anyway, getting back to the original point, this kind of parallels the Comic Market of the 90's and 00's.   A lot of hype, a lot of "limited editions", and a lot of cost for something that is probably doomed to become relatively valueless over time.  Even with pure silver content, they will each have less than an ounce of silver, and will be worth about $7 at current spot.  $140 cost to get a piece of silver worth $7.  Sounds like the ultimate deal to me. 




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There is a lot of gimmick stuff out there and the CC half is slightly tempting to me. Earlier this week I ran across something else slightly tempting and kind of neat looking that will have a limited edition of 1969. With that you can probably guess what it will be without too much imagination. Oh, and BTW it is way overpriced! Just shocking! lol At least there is a real dollar here. :) 


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I tend to follow the rule of thumb that anything that is made for the express purpose of being collected / collected / saved will almost certainly never be rare and never have value. You can never really know what will have value long term because it's the stuff that flies under the radar, that no one saves, that will explode later.

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Agreed.  A few days ago I read a news release about a new astronaut signing special labels for the slabs.  My mind went to the sports card market and how autographs inserted in packs was the new hotness of the '90s.  Then it exploded in the 2000s and if the card wasn't an auto card it didn't really count.  Then collectors started demanding "on card autos" vs the peel & stick plates that players were signing 100s at a time.  All this to say I was thinking why not just jump the shark and start offering us on coin autos?  I mean, set the dude down with a pantographic engraving setup, place my coin in the die slot, and let him autograph it personally.

Sure there's going to be a ruckus about it's a details coin now and it's been destroyed but whatever.  :)

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What an interesting collecting world we live in. Those of you that know me, know modern coinage is not my first pick. Having said that, I own many graded modern coins in 70. Mint state and proof. Having said THAT, it just makes me a wee bit sad that most all my ms or pf 70  modern eagles in gold and silver have many, many hundreds, sometimes thousands of brothers and sisters of that same lofty grade in most any date I own. Three thousand mintage for this half is small, yet high, when 90+% will grade 69&70? Yet having said all the above, press one in Carson City is being used to strike these. That press. That CC mint mark. That nostalgia is tempting. The deal breaker aside from a post 2000 striking is the single C in the word copy. Gonna have to pass. Never bet another mans game, and never get outta the boat...

Still a dam good looking half though! Would love to have any CC half. A branch mint that I never felt deep enough pockets to start collecting. I have zero coins of any denomination from Carson City. Will own a ten lib from cc one day. Just that day has not presented itself. Thx for this post. It’s great.


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I actually did get my name on the list. I found out more information which I should of some first . I sent an email and said please remove my name from list. Thank you.Overpriced to many mintages copy. They still make medals at the C C mint . I'm not sure if it's machine number one. There doing this to raise money for the CC museum. Operating cost and up keep. I will not buy into another gimmick. Not for 150.00. The real worth is a couple of bucks. I don't get it. I might just start making coins also. Everyone is doing it. Why? The price of silver. Your better if buying ignots. Or just melting your own thanks for the updates information. Mike

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