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Deja Vu??



As a result of a recent post, I did some research on the ATB Quarter Series and found out that when it's completed in 2021, the legislation requires the return to the original Washington Quarter Obverse (I wish it were Laura Fraser's Washington Bust) but changes the reverse to depict General Washington crossing the Delaware River before the Battle of Trenton.  This all sounds wonderful until I was reminded that Washington Crossing The Delaware has already appeared on the reverse of the 1999 New Jersey Quarter.  Since the ATB legislation was written long after the 1999 quarter was issued, one wonders how that slipped through and if a significantly different scene will be used in its stead?   I think there are a lot of different Washington Scenes that could be used on the reverse, maybe Washington taking the Oath of the Presidency, Maybe young George Washington at the Forks of the Ohio, or maybe even an Eagle, like it might have been depicted in the late 1700's.  What do you all think?  Should we reprise the 1999 New Jersey Quarter or should we be more creative?  





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Thanks for the journal. No one knows what there going to do. Yes they tell us one thing and do the other. I also wish it was L.G.F. design but we're just collectors. Silver the lowest in five years and there still charging prices from when it was 36.00 an ounce. So there you go . They say one thing and do the other. To many gimmicks coming out of our mint. This Price of Two Countries that's more money I will save. For a 69 it's just 200.00 and change. I will never understand the mint. My son collects the A.T.B. He asked me hey dad how come they just can't put six quarters in next year and end the program? I said that would make sense but they will make you wait a year For one coin. He knows Congress passes the law and release dates. But it does make allot of sence. Thanks again I know I touched on a few things but that's what happens when someone brings up the mint sorry about that. By the way the price of the Pride of two Nations hasn't sold out and the price has fallen over 200.00 dollars. No we're not dumb just getting smarter. They can use all the hype they want. But we don't want these. Well some do. And such a low mintage. Gimmick.

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