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After 3 Years, Finally The Right One!

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I'm not going to make this journal overly wordy. It has been, amazingly, over a year since I last posted a journal entry. I have been busy collecting though. I won't go through all of my activities of the past 12+ months but I will say that I am building, piece by piece, a highly-discriminatory 70/70 type set.

The type set building has been the most fun I've had in a while for collecting as I get to acquire examples of so many different coins, have lots of hunting opportunities and even have bought my first coins of certain series that I've ever owned!

On to the point-- I mostly presumed that I had completed my Walking Liberty Short Set as high quality as I could achieve without spending above my pay grade for coins in MS67 for the 41-S, 42-S or 44-S. I have swapped out coins when I found equal grade coins but a newer example was of superior strike or eye-appeal.

The one exception was that I have been looking for a 1947-D in MS67 to replace my MS66 - as an aside, I truly believe that my MS66 could/should be an MS67- especially after the 67's I've passed over the past 3 years. I guess I could get a "+" symbol on it and a CAC sticker and double its value but I rarely go to such effort for + marks or to validate my own discernment.

So I'm perusing Seated Dollars on ebay and just as a whim I decide to check for the 47-D MS67. There are several there ranging from attractive $3,000+ coins mediocre MS67 white blah coins for near $2000 and a few uglier examples around $1500. BUT LO and BEHOLD! The most attractive of the 6 or 7 examples is also one of the cheaper! Under $2000 for the eye appeal and dazzling toner that I'd hoped to complete the set with.

After 3 years, ( over 10 years total to finish this 20 coin set) I finally acquired the last piece....what a great feeling for a collector.....



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You are going to LOVE the 7070. I have never had so much fun collecting as I have had with this set. Today I am still adding coins with high eye appeal to this set. Though I only update up to three coins in a year, it is the hunt and the anticipation of adding new coins to the set. I have several more years left in this set before I can sit back and finally call it complete, but when I do, well you know because this post is about that joy! Plus, I will have the added fun of photographing those new coins. At any rate to say that this set brings me the most pleasure is saying a lot because I have quite a few other sets, especially on the custom side of collecting that give me pleasure also. Have fun Jackson, the joy is in the journey. Gary

BTW, I still have the MS-65 1944-D Walker you sold me. This coin is NOT subject to upgrading. Even at MS-65, your eye for Walkers is impeccable.



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Beautiful addition! 

Congrats, my friend! 

Glad to see you still in the coin game.  :applause:

PS: I've always enjoyed your journals. 

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Thanks everyone--especially to all of my fellow Walkerfans ( CBC and Bob included)-- I know she is a little soft on the reverse strike but I felt the eye appeal, luster and miniscule amount of ticks made it a solid 67 overall.... anyone want to buy a beautiful MS66 and try for a crackout shot at 67 or 66+?..:bigsmile:

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