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Looking for Some Feedback



There is a gentlemen doing business in Colorado that makes amazing reproductions of US coins. Even though his copies are exquisite, he gets away with not affixing the word COPY anywhere on his coins because he creates Fantasy pieces.  I own two of his Peace Dollars, one dated 1918 and one dated 1965.  The 1918 is in high relief (like the 1921) but also includes the infamous broken sword that caused so much controversy before the Dollar was released.  The 1965 Dollar is obviously meant as an homage to the fabled 1964 Peace Dollar, but is given a fantasy date so as not to run afoul of the actually minted 1964 version. 

Mr. Daniel Carr, the creator of these pieces, takes pains to overstrike these fantasy pieces on genuine Peace Dollars.  Mr. Carr does this same thing with Morgan Dollars (he has produced a 1964 Morgan) and with a large variety of other US coin types.   I also own his 1858 Braided Hair Large Cent, overstruck on a genuine Large Cent of the era and a club medal struck for the Colorado Springs Numismatic Society, which was overstruck on a 1976 D CN Eisenhower Dollar.  You can even see the outline of Eisenhower on the Obverse, it kind of reminds me of clashed dies.   So bottom line, Mr. Carr is prodigious and his efforts sell well on his website as well as on Ebay.  

I happen to like his products, I am glad he is able to skirt the Copy law, I am assuming, since he only produces fantasy dates, no one can ever be fooled.  What do YOU think?





1918 peace obv.png

1918 peace rev.png



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I don't think I can say anything that's already been said. It's a tribute to you knowledge as a collector. Keep it up Mike

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I think it's unlikely that anyone would get fooled unless the seller was deliberately misrepresenting the nature of the fantasy issue to a new collector. Otherwise, who would buy that type of coin with zero knowledge of the series that the fantasy represents?

Two points: it is important to recognize how today's technology, coupled with a skilled individual, and period appropriate equipment, can reproduce such a good copy of an original (please, Dan, continue to use your powers for good ;).  And the artistry of his unique pieces are really outstanding -- he is quite an accomplished designer.

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It's a knock off. Is it in many price books?. It can it's run its course. What he's doing is back dooring  for-profit . It a joke. So they found  a die. Try and  sell it Zero. Thats What there worth. In have heard of him and dismissed him as anything but a snake cure specialist. He is now misleading people and laughing all the way to the bank. No one can just got out and make American coinage. Yes he knows the rules and gets around them. Sorry I have  to disagree with you . Next there will be a Dansco album for copied coins that's  all they are. Mike.

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I am a fan. I want one of his Peace dollars for the High Relief and the broken sword. My opinion. I could be wrong. 

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Dan Carr impresses me as a savvy businessman, positioning some of his issues just within the legal boundaries but close enough to generate considerable discourse and plenty of attention.  I think he is an expert technician and has a pretty good design sense, his original work is no worse than what comes out of US mint these days.  I would consider collecting some of his hologram strikes.

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