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These items which are often seen in nationally distributed magazine ads seem to be creeping into Daniel Carr Land.  What do you think?

smithsonian 2.png




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Only as an observation..... I read the most recent posts pertaining to Mr. Carr and explored EBAY for examples.   People are selling graded examples of his work... some, however, skirt the wording and I can see how someone who was not knowledgeable on coin collecting, would purchase the "coins/tokens" as real coins.

In regards to the two images within this post, I notice the NGC ID# is not on either label.    Does this mean anyone could produce a "coin/token" through a "private mint" and get it certified?

I am a very novice coin collector and picky as to what I purchase.  Through these posts, I have learned to research, research and do more research before purchasing.     I read all of the recent posts on Mr. Carr's contribution, with interest.....

Best wishes,

GySgt., U.S.Marine Corps, Retired

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Hi Jack, Yes, NGC is omitting registration numbers as an acknowledgement that these are not real coins.  But, it would be very easy for someone to open the slab, and sell those coins for a nice profit.  I would especially worry about the Confederate Cent as it is very well made and the market for Confederate material is lucrative. My main point is that this material, condoned by NGC and the Smithsonian are just as dangerous, or even moreso, than the Carr material.  Regards, Mokie


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I have been here for a LONG time. Daniel Carr is very impressive to me as he made his own mint and created his own coin land. Most of the wiser collectors here do not participate in collecting bullion or so called reproduction pieces and that is exactly what he has done. None of his minting are of any real face value but just a piece of art that he has created. Pay what you wish to own a piece of his art but I for one wish to pass on any of his art.

Jack Robinson --- Good to hear from you bud!!

Mokie --- Are you going to drag this Dan Carr stuff into the dirt??? :roflmao:  I have not heard or seen anything on him in a few years. I am sure he has been placed and is being more careful. The first and most important part of coin collecting is KNOWLEDGE!!!  :)

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Hello Six mile Rick..... I been busy the past three years using my extra $$$ on purchasing a few new cars.... Now, since two are paid off, I am returning to purchasing coins... By June 2019, planning on switching to gold.  Just unsure to buy bullion or, old coinage.... Research still on going...

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 If you have the gold bug then I would say invest in bullion!! The "WE Buy Gold" shops always have some nice coins at melt and sometimes they are even older coins that are graded by NGC and PCGS. My friend has a shop. He has been in the business for over 20 years and knows everyone on the east coast. I can get you some great deals.

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Thanks Six Mile Rick....

As always, you have giving out some great advice and suggestions over the years and I will get back with you when I get into gold purchases....
I hope you have a fun filled weekend with many adventures.

Bye for now,


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I don't know Mr. Carr. But just looking at those two coins. I don't think I want to. No bar code, no cert number. That's a red flag my friend.. That's all it takes for me. Thanks my friend. Talk later. I checked my special coins and found two or three of these. These were not from Mr. Carr. But through a friend of mine. I know how that NGC does not out anything on the label when it's a feature done by the Smithsonian Institute. I'm sorry for my mistake. Mike




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42 minutes ago, MIKE BYRNE said:

I don't know Mr. Carr. But just looking at those two coins. I don't think I want to. No bar code, no cert number. That's a red flag my friend.. That's all it takes for me. Thanks my friend. Talk later. Mike.

I'm not saying you should like Carr, but, just in the interest of accuracy, those coins in the pictures in this post are not Mr. Carr's work. They're reproductions blessed by the Smithsonian.

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Hey Gunny,

 First thanks for your service. I live a Marine town and love it. Now, I never noticed those slabs have no certification number. Nice eye. They should have something on them.

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