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After 5 years of searching many auctions, eBay, Coin websites and a bunch of help from fellow registry dime collectors, I added the last coin to complete my 1946-1964 silver Roosevelt Dime Set.

Although my set name is  " common silver but not so common ", that is a very true statement. With only 48 dimes in the set, the quest for a MS67 Full Torch, for the most part is quite easy. However,

there are those dates that just never come up for auction and when they do, the pricing can go through the roof. The last coin I added was a 1961 Philadelphia MS67 FT. A POP of only 14 pieces. The

set does have 4 coins that grade MS68 and maybe in the future I may be able to upgrade them to the MS67 + FT or ms67 * FT.  HMMMMMMM If I could Only get a 2012 D in MS68 FT. Happy hunting

and never give up that quest to complete a set.




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Link To My Roosevelt Dime Auctions On Great Collections

Hi All The first set of 20 Roosevelt dimes has been entered for the Sunday 11-25 Auctions. Here is the link   Press the  shift key and the left side of the mouse. https://www.greatcollections.com/search.php?mode=product&series=34&page=3&pp=50 There will be 20 coins per week for 6 weeks. Thanks for viewing and I hope you bid to get a few.   Thanks Mark gemguy2u    

Mark Gibson - Gemguy2u

Mark Gibson - Gemguy2u

Time To Sell My Roosevelt Dime Set " Don't Be Mad - Be Clad "

OK one and all. After many years of collecting and now I am wanting to get things in order for retirement, I am going to be selling my Roosevelt Dime Set - " Don't Be Mad - Be Clad " in the 1965 to date Circulation Issue. The set is ranked #1 and has most of the 1 only coins available for the grade. It will be up for auction on Great Collections over 6 weeks beginning Sunday 11-25 and the last auction will be on 12-30. 119 coins total so get ready to bid. The coins have already been shipped

Mark Gibson - Gemguy2u

Mark Gibson - Gemguy2u

It Took Over 3 Years But Finally Have a #1 Set

Roosevelt Dimes In High Grade Full Torch Are Hard To Find..... Hi Everyone, This is my first post so if I do something wrong, it is OK to shoot... Today after a long hard struggle and many lost dimes from auctions I have bid on, I finally made it to #1 in the 1965 to Date Roosevelt Dime Series. It took 100 coins to get to the #1 spot and currently, there are 113 needed for a complete set. With that being said, this set is put together not with just the best coins out there but with the coins