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It Took Over 3 Years But Finally Have a #1 Set

Mark Gibson - Gemguy2u


Roosevelt Dimes In High Grade Full Torch Are Hard To Find.....

Hi Everyone, This is my first post so if I do something wrong, it is OK to shoot...

Today after a long hard struggle and many lost dimes from auctions I have bid on, I finally made it to #1 in the 1965 to Date Roosevelt Dime Series. It took 100 coins to get to the #1 spot and currently, there are 113 needed for a complete set. With that being said, this set is put together not with just the best coins out there but with the coins most of us can afford. I want to thank EVERYONE who helped me along the way. The coin community out there is a good group of people and for those of you who let me pay for the coins I bought over weeks and months and even over 6 months. THANK YOU. It takes networking to find a lot of these dimes because they are just not out there. Someone out there always knew someone else out there that had dimes and got us together. My next step with this set is to complete it out and hopefully get it to 100K points. Please review when you are able. Thank You All... Mark...Gemguy2u

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