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If it's related to Hawaii, I will share it with you !

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The Third Official Manufacturing Function of the Bureau of the Mint/United States Mint

If you Google the term "special government medal" or "sGm" or "special medals for US government agencies" your search result relating to the Bureau of the Mint or United States Mint will be empty. However, if you search the term "POTUS sGm" you will get a hit to my website (discusses a particular type of "special government medal" of which I have ongoing research). This empty search result  points out that these common terms  are  unused and uncommon term within the US numismatic community. H

Research Knowledge Discovery - King Kalakaua 1 Coronation Medal

I just submitted a US copyright on an article discussing a research find I made. For those who are familiar with my discovery models, this find adds a new piece  of knowledge to the King Kalakaua 1 Coronation Medal  knowledge domain.Background:The 1882 dated King Kalakaua 1 coronation medal  has befuddled Hawaiian numismatics for decades due to its unknown mintage, designer and manufacturer. This medal is identified as:2RM-9 (Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog 1991 Second Edition by Donald Medcalf

How to Identify the Welt (die blemish) on Early Issues of The Hawaiian Mint

Within the book Hawaiian Money, 2nd Edition, by Medcalf & Russell (book listed in NGC US Coin Reference, American Overseas Territories), a series of private mint issues from The Hawaiian Mint (THM), aka Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM), are cataloged. Several of the original issues are not listed as per the official RHM database (it's a spreadsheet provided by the RHM documenting its issues, mintages, and specialized notes). This spreadsheet is titled Waifs in Gold Boots which was produced by

Vindicated - Grading/Encapsulation of Maui Coin Club medals

Back in the year 2014, I made an inquiry to NGC Support about the grading/encapsulation of medals listed in their listed numismatic bibliography titled  Hawaiian Money,  2nd Edition, by Medcalf and Russell.  My "coin club" medals were rejected (see images).       I now see that Hawaii related coin club medals (Maui coin Club and Hawaii State Numismatic Association (HSNA))are now being  graded! (see image below) Great!!! I made this video about a year ago related

Original 1998 Liberty Dollar (aka NORFED dollar)

This is related to Hawaii !!! NOTE: You can tell the writing style difference of an author's journal entry  by the subject matter. On one hand you get regurgitation of previously documented information or what one owns. It's OK, but not exciting or groundbreaking. On the other hand you get thought provoking or I did not know this with a dumbfoundedness result. I hope I'm in the later category. Bernard von NotHaus was one of the co-founders of The Hawaiian Mint, which evolved into the R

Part 2: Kennedy Half Dollars Collectors Will Freakout

This is not a Hawaii related entry. The images of two pages below are from the US Mint (as you can see, Frank Gasparro has signed and dated the upper right on the first page). Item 1 and 2 in the document - Calls out US Mint's Presidential inaugural medal design (obverse and reverse) are to be used on the proposed half dollar.           Note: For proper visualization, I added a image of the reverse in this blog. The presidential seal is in a reduced state. Item 3 in the docum

Kennedy Half Dollar Collectors Will Freakout

This is not a Hawaiian related entry.... In all accounts, the true precursor design of the reverse side of the Kennedy half dollar is from the Class 5 Kennedy President of the United States (POTUS) special Government medal (sGm). You have to remember that this Class 5 medal was struck while President Kennedy was still alive. The precursor proof is the placement of the designer's initial "FG" (Frank Gasparro) in a familiar position (see video at time 1:38). This was one of the most

Trifecta: Frank Gasparro's Dual Torch Design

This blog entry is not Hawaiian related.... While performing research on my book on the   http://www.potus-sgm.com/   I tracked down the dual torch design of Frank Gasparro (I previously shared this research find at another numismatic website and wanted to share it here).  In the image: Left is the obverse of a Class 2 Eisenhower President of the United States  (POTUS) special Government medal (sGm) with the dual torch by Frank Gasparro and manufactured by the Bureau of the Mint in 196

Alternate Reality or Just a Blunder

Perhaps a  new numismatic collecting category is required? Blunder collecting... As it can be explained, a few intact specimens slipped by the manufacturer who eagerly holed-out the "49" as to remove the obvious timing blunder as Alaska became the  49th state. This is not an error. It's an unfortunate timing of the Alaska statehood event when this SCD was struck. Actually, SCD HK-722A can be claimed as a specimen from the Territory of Hawaii period (and while the US had only 48 states)

Alaska - Hawaii Statehood Uniface So Called Dollar

When I saw the Hawaii Uniface SCD HK-537 being offered for sale I jumped at the chance to own it. I've look hard and far to have one in my collection. This well known dealer convinced my to purchase the Alaska Uniface SCD HK-536 in order to keep them as a pair. It was good that I listened to him. These two medals are currently the only pair graded by NGC (or any other TPG company).

US Numismatic Discovery Models (Part 1)

How can an entire US Mint series be discovered? I created six numismatic discovery models for a numismatic book I'm working on. The first three models explains the different types of US numismatic discoveries (these models can be tailored for specific area of US numismatics or non-US numismatics). I shared my first three models at my ANA blog (link below). www.money.org/collector/drdarryl/blog/us-numismatics-discovery-models-part-1-2 To see old comments for this Journal e



US Numismatic Discovery Models (Part 2)

This is how a new US Mint series was discovered! www.money.org/collector/drdarryl/blog/us-numismatics-discovery-models-part-2 The image below is of the Class 2 series of the President of the United States special Government medal (POTUS sGm) series. Each POTUS sGm is presidential artifact (see link in my ANA blog). To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.



Presidential Medal of Appreciation Eisenhower Class 1 Award

Acquired from a collector in France. The DVD of my Money Talks presentation at the 2015 ANA World's Fair of Money is available for borrowing from the ANA Library. The first book that cataloged this "lost" presidential medal series is ISBN 1511786744. The image is a composite of a snippet of my ANA presentation slide (lower portion) and of my latest acquisition from a collector in France. It's a remarkable acquisition in that it supports my original research findings (in my book) in that Pr



Re: Question on Grading a Hawaiian Medal

Still waiting for a reply... To make a long story short: 1. On 09/06/15 I asked about the grading and encapsulation of a silver Hawaiian medal. Two gold version were encapsulated by NGC and can be seen at the Ira & Larry Goldberg Sept. 7, 2009 auction.   2. I provided supporting documentation from an ANA Periodical (June 1960) that the silver version and gold version were designed and manufactured by Precious Medals Hawaii (original designer amd manufacturer). 3. This is the orginal



Kingdom of Hawaii - King Kalakaua Coronation Medal

I'm researching this medal... This is a King Kalakaua 1 coronation medal in my Hawaiian collection. I'm not sure who the manufacturer is, but its listed in Medcalf & Russell book: Hawaiian Money Second Edition. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.



Hawaii the 49th State !

Not a typo... Today (August 21, 2015) is the anniversary of Hawaii Admission Day or Statehood Day. Hawaii is actually the 50th State. However, So-called dollar HK-722a claims Hawaii is the 49th State (sorry Alaska). See image. Most HK-722a are holded to obliterate this "49" design error (overzealous designer, manufacturer, and issuer). The image is an intact specimen I purchased last month. It's my submittal candidate for HK-722a top pop. NGC population is a mere 3 specimens with a top

What does COINWeek, The E-Sylum..., and the ANA have in common this week?

Newly documented Presidential Award medals ... Seems interest has been sparked with the release of my latest book: Authoritative Numismatic Reference: Presidential Medal of Appreciation Award Medals 1958-1963, ISBN 1511786744. Even the American Numismatic Association Facebook page has posted a link to the COINWeek write-up.... To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

Eisenhower Class 2 Presidential Award Medals

Numismatic research sharing time.... My book launch was a few days ago. Image is of the eight Eisenhower Class 2 award medals (I established 5 Classes in my book). By far the Class 2 medals are my favorite as they are the same size, composition, and weight as a U.S. Morgan silver dollar. These medals were struck by the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. NGC previously graded and encapsulated my DDE-C2-07 (1960 Eisenhower State of Hawai'i Visit Award Medal). Let me remind you that these are not co

Shot-Down Spy Plane Results in the Forced Destruction of Gold & Silver U.S. Mint Medals

Want to learn more? Yesterday, the American Numismatic Association confirmed that my submitted Money Talk topic was accepted for presentation at the upcoming ANA 2015 World's Fair of Money in Chicago! I'll be showing images of the gold & silver U.S. Mint medals that were forced to be destroyed (part of the U.S. Mint's "non-disclosure" series of medals). The main focus of my presentation is to present information about the U.S. Mint's "non-disclosure" series of medals. This U.S. Min

Image Request by Smithsonian

Help requested... Aloha, I have a very busy blog website (TheHawaiianaNumismatist.com) and get many requests relating to Hawaii coins, medals, and tokens. I am tracking down a NGC point of contact for high resolution images for the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indians. (They have periodically held Hawaiian events and displayed Hawaiian culture items). They are seeking specific images of Kingdom of Hawaii coins. Contact me ASAP with NGC point of contact so that I can forwar

A Helping Hand to Philippines Numismatists

Accurate mintage provided to Honeycutt H-525 & Basso B-898... See image. DDE-12 (medal in image) information taken from my book: The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals, ISBN 1495348229. The Philippines numismatic reference books cataloged the Eisenhower visit medal, but does not provide additional information. DDE-12 was struck by the US Mint in Philadelphia. Obverse and reverse designs by Frank Gasparro. Medal was used during President Eisenhower's trip to Taiwan, Philippines,



Security Breach of Your Website?

HTML is Not Working in ALL Registry Sets. I was about to review one of my Registry sets and found it in a code like state (not executing the inserted HTML codes). What's up? Seems someone disabled HTML in all registry set or your website experienced a security breach Please post a status (disabled on purpose or security breach). Please post a status (estimate time of repair or actions to recover from security breach). To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New commen



Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (in the Hawaiian language)

Day 4 of 17 day vacation on East Coast, USA Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou = Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Unfortunately, I was not invited on Air Force One with the President and his family for the holidays in Hawai'i (also my home state). Speaking of Presidents, I did update the Dwight D. Eisenhower Wikipedia page (Legacy and memory section). 1) Added text about the history of the Eisenhower POTUS appreciation medals. 2) Added example images of an Eisenhower