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Kennedy Half Dollar Collectors Will Freakout



This is not a Hawaiian related entry....

In all accounts, the true precursor design of the reverse side of the Kennedy half dollar is from the Class 5 Kennedy President of the United States (POTUS) special Government medal (sGm). You have to remember that this Class 5 medal was struck while President Kennedy was still alive.

The precursor proof is the placement of the designer's initial "FG" (Frank Gasparro) in a familiar position (see video at time 1:38).

This was one of the most interesting historical facts I uncovered in my research.




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Technically the precursor design is the Seal of the President of the US designed in 1850, right? This is a nice medal however for Kennedy collectors--nice find.

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The skill sets of Frank Gasparro (1909 - 2001) was constantly being refined and improved. In creating "his reverse design" of the Kennedy Appreciation Medal, it further improved his acumen in implementing the presidential seal in a larger scale and as a primary design element.   My 3 points are in bold and underlined in the previous sentence.

Frank Gasparro as an artistian/designer implements his rendition of the presidential seal adhering to the 1945 seal (with the 1959 and 1960 changes) as defined by Executive Order 9646, 10823, and 10860. I'm not sure what your intent of referencing the 1850 "document seal", as the 1960 version of the presidential seal is what Mr. Gasparro adhered to as required by law. Points 4 and 5 are in bold and underlined in this paragraph.

Now if you focus my 5 points with the Executive Order 10860 presidential seal, is this not a precursor design when you consider that the 1962 Kennedy Appreciation medal predates the 1964 Kennedy half-dollar and both created by Frank Gasparro? I see 50 stars on both designs and not on 1850 document seal...


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I have news on that. The fifty cent Kennedy half was being designed while he was working in the Oval office. That's right. No one the designer of the President did not know that the sculpture being made would be the coin released in 1964. They sold an anniversary set and it has a booklet. So I called Rick Tomaska he agree that it was a valid point. Upon his death they needed a coin right away. This was all ready done the two would converse if he liked it he said yes. There are a number of things we learn from books but also on the booklets in some of the sets. Read those just don't put them away with the set. So the President actually picked his own coin not knowing what was to happen.

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