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S.F. $5 Gold coins all out of plastic capsule

Coins all scratched !!!! I received all 10 S.F. $5 gold coin today. Each and every coins were out of the capsule with visible scratches using 5x magnification. I called US mint right away to inform them of the problem. I am not sure if they will make corrections. The lady who took my call doesn't seemed to care. I will send all my coins back.


from my heart and my soul - thank you America !!! I can only dream of these coins more than twenty years ago. I was 24 years old in 1985 when I set foot in America as an immigrant /illegal alien from Asia. I started out as a dish washer making $3.25 per hour. I was working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was renting a 3 ft x 10 ft closet. That closet was literally my home. I was living like a rat saving every cents I can managed. I was living in constant fear of being caught by immigration of


MY SPENDING WENT THROUGH THE ROOF. I hit the market hard this month starting at the Longbeach Coin Show early February, and has not stop buying coins since. For the month of February 2006 ( and the month is not over yet ) I had acquired the ff for my collection: 1. 2 pcs Saint Gaudens double eagle both at MS65 2. 1 pc Walker MS66 3. 1 pc 2001 pr70 sacagawea dollar to complete the set. 4. 3 pcs pr70 and one ms67 Susan B Anthony dollars 5. 5 pcs ms70 modern commems I am not don

Basilio Estate collection

Basilio Estate collection

I am a full blown addict !!!!

I need my fix now !!! I am addicted to this hobby of coin collection. At age 44 I feel like a heroin addict craving for my fix. The craving is too much at times almost unbearable. Raising the financial resources to support the impending purchase can be extremely creative. Search can go on for days and weeks. Once an acquisition is completed with the coin already in my hands the feeling is very difficult to described. It's exihilarating. The craving will be satisfied for a few days to a mo