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About this journal

I remember when I started:

I started collecting coins in 2008.

I knew nothing about certified coins until I went to a coin show and realized that certified coins was the way to go.

Now I am obsessed with the highest grades possible that I can afford to buy. I only collect NGC graded coins.

I originally concentrated on Morgans and Silver Eagles, and have since added Trade Dollars, Peace dollars, Carson City Morgans, Top 100 Vams, Hot-50 and Hitlist 40 just to name a few. My Silver Eagle set in MS & PF are both 100% complete, all in grade 70.

I started collecting Gold Eagles, and that is progressing great. I will only buy NGC graded coins, and only in grade 70, and that collection is filling quickly.

I think my Morgan collection is really getting to be superb, with 100% of the slots filled, and over 15-20 with a grade of MS-67 I am constantly looking to upgrade the lower grades as I locate them.

Coin Collecting has become my Ace in the hole for my retirement!  Social Security is only guaranteed to provide the ability to afford my Starbucks !!!

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Goldenboy#1 Registry Collection For Sale

The time has come to retire! I Have decided to place my ENTIRE NGC REGISTRY COLLECTION of Morgan, Peace, Silver Eagles & Modern Gold & other specialties for sale with Great Collections.  I can't say that I will not miss collecting some of the finest coins, all of which are NGC certified coins, because I will.  I have always liked what the NGC holders made my coins look like: Absolutely Awesome! Many of you have inquired over the years about buying a coin or two that you ha