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  1. The time has come to retire! I Have decided to place my ENTIRE NGC REGISTRY COLLECTION of Morgan, Peace, Silver Eagles & Modern Gold & other specialties for sale with Great Collections. I can't say that I will not miss collecting some of the finest coins, all of which are NGC certified coins, because I will. I have always liked what the NGC holders made my coins look like: Absolutely Awesome! Many of you have inquired over the years about buying a coin or two that you have seen here at the registry. Now is your chance! And I want to wish a heartfelt thank you to NGC for providing the Registry. The NGC Registry was a forum to show the world what I have collected. Thank you NGC! Randy Prefer
  2. 1st, the link you sent was not for a $10 eagle, it was for a $5 eagle I consider $475 to be reasonable
  3. I am in need of a 2015 W $10 gold Eagle NGC PF 70 anyone looking to sell one for a reasonable price? Thanks