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stars on united states federal coinage !!

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take the barber series dimes quarters and halves


the dime has no stars at all!! i am sure you knew that tongue.gif


the barber quarter and half


have 6 points on the stars on the obverse and have 5 points on the stars on the reverse!!


no other usa coins can make this claim!or can it ?? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


would'nt it be great to just do a type set of usa coins with just stars on them????? and one type set with coins with no stars on them??????


now the standing liberty quarter had stars with 5 points on them on both the obverse and reverse!


the washington quarter has no stars at all!!


the walker half does have stars but only barely discernable on the flag on the obverse of the coin


the jeff nickel has only one star on the coin between liberty and the date!


the merc dime has only two stars on the coin do you know where they are off hand without looking?? 893whatthe.gif


and if there are any stars on the merc dime are they 5 or six pointed??



and please if you go ballistic after reading this post and make more out of it then there really is as you are angry and/or have some vested interest in something 893scratchchin-thumb.gif



precieved by yourself


please keep it to yourself makepoint.gifconfused-smiley-013.gif


oh and


there were 46 stars on the edge of the saint gaudens


and after 1912 48 stars as two more states were added to the union....





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what are you drinking this evening? I need to run out and get a 6 pack of it!! grin.gif


Don't forget about Star notes! I occasionally get one in change here and there. What are Star notes?? I think I read one time that it is a replacement note for a bill that was destroyed??????????

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Those are some way cool ideas for collecting, Michael!


The Merc question is rather tough as I can see the stars in my memory but can't recall clearly their details. I will go with the stars being on the periphery of the reverse, this I am certain about, framing the words "ONE DIME". As for five or six points, I think six points looks odd so I will go with five points, but this is more of a guess. How did I do? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


If you extend this type set into commems you can really get some interesting coins like the Texas half where the obverse is set against a giant star!

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thanks all


well tomb i think there are two stars on the reverse of the merc dime


but i do not know how many points they have





i would like a star and non star type set on the ngc/pcgs registry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


okie boys who will be the first to do this????????


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"the jeff nickel has only one star on the coin between liberty and the date!"


AND the star is quite diminutive! But! The star was changed in 1957-1958 without explanation! The star went from small to large, then back to small again - and nobody seems to know why! Wierd. I like the large star of '57-'58.


Nice post Michael!



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