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5 Morgans back from the slab factory here. Guess the grade! (GRADES REVEALED)

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These are all pre-slab pictures. Color is accurate to coin in hand. What did they grade... or did they? Hmmm....


Here are the grades.


1881-S. MS64. This one had the most potential of the bunch; I had hoped for an MS65. The pictures don't do the lustre justice... lots of sparkle.





1887. MS63. About what I expected, although the reverse is much nicer than 63 IMO.





1885. MS63. A lot of guess of AT on this one. I bought it raw from p8nt after it had been bodybagged by PCGS for questionable color. In my opinion it's gorgeous.





1880-S. Bodybagged - Artificial toning. Only thing I can think of is that they didn't like the color transitions... not natural progressions?





1899-O. MS64. It's actually nicer than the pictures imply.



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Well these are hard for me to guess sometimes and definately will just be guessing.

#1 - MS64

#2 - MS63

#3 - MS63

#4 - Improperly cleaned -

#5 - improperly cleaned.

The last 2 look like they've been dipped pretty good and then re-toned.

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Very nice! Let me know if you ever want to sell the first three. I'm accumulating a nice little group with similar toning.



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I guess the "Wiped" look threw me off on the last one. Dang, I'm getting better at these Morgans. Maybe now I won't get ripped off so easily when buying them. (thumbs u

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Great job of grading, Bobby!! One strike and it does look cleaned. Would you like to look at mine before I send them to ANACS? lol

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