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Talk about a rip-off...

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I'm watching HSN's Coin Collecting right now. Nothing better on TV.


He says, "I walked to a huge coin show, on the bourse floor, and out of every dealer, I only found a handful of these saca golden dollars, but they had bags and bags full of 100K rare gold coins."


And they go on and on about how their prices are so affordable compared to other places.


Here's a link to one of the items they are selling:



Note the price. Just for comparison I paid $775 for a $20 liberty certified too.


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they sell tonsand make huge amounts of money


as fools and their money are soon parted...............


also people in general love to get screw*d



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I learned my lesson early on, with the Coin Vault.

Me too! About five years ago, I bought a set of Franklin Halves for $300. After getting some real , I returned them and found a better set on eBay for $120. At least I had the opportunity to return them. I have not bought from them since!


Scott :hi:

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To their credit, they are allowing users to rate the product. One user gave it 1/5 stars, the other gave it 5/5 stars:

review this product 2 reviews Average Rating 3.0


1890 coin (dave, NC) 04/26/2006

listed as cu but was au at best

report if inappropriate


Love the ladies (larry, NY) 02/03/2006

I love buying these gold lady liberties, i have several of them including the silver ones what a great investment and plus they look great i love buying them i;m just like a kid when i purchase one, waiting for them to come in the mail.

Also - and I'll probably get flamed for this - the $1,199 is not an outrageous price. I wouldn't pay that much, and if anyone solicited my opinion, I'd tell them to shop elsewhere - but that's true of someone asking if they should buy their clothes at Macy's. I'd tell them to check out Kohl's or JCPenney instead.


Now, if it were $4,999, that would be outrageous.

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This one , on the other hand, is a rip-off - mostly because they falsely imply that it's an "error" coin.


And that coin in the pic is not "Uncirculated".

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