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Change the Condition Census - 1921-D Morgan VAM-1J

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As someone who does most of his buying on Ebay, I've been forced to learn to read between the lines of a coin photo. Good clear coin pics are rare on Ebay, and relatively uncommon amongst all but a few dealers with an online presence. So, there's been a lot of chance to practice my skills. :)


In the case of this coin, the practice paid off. 1921 VAM's have always been a passion of mine; although I liquidated the majority of my collection over the last year, I still hold a few nice ones. The other day, while browsing the website of Gainesville Coins, I came across another. Characterized by a large break over the A of STATES, the VAM-1J is considered a pretty prominent variety for the year. Only the late die state versions, in which the break is fully developed and raised from the field, are considered for the Condition Census. VAMWorld lists only one in MS65.


Here is the second:








I realize, of course, that the Condition Census for VAM's like this is iffy - it's unknown what examples private parties are holding without telling anyone. I have a couple other Condition Census 1921-D's that aren't listed, either. :)


It doesn't matter what the actual Condition Census is. There's no high-end collector here who is any happier about one of his coins than I am with mine, and that's what the whole hobby is about.

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