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Public Apology to Idhair and...

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Due to my poor judgement and overreacting I am issuing a public apology to two members of this forum. I know this is not the correct forum for this matter. It more than likely belongs on the Tangent forum. But since this is where my errors occurred this is where I’ll post.


First apologies to Idhair (Larry), to whom my overreacting resulted in several occurances of poor judgement on my part. I am sorry Larry. The body of all posts have been deleted.


Second apologies to dooly for using his thread as a playground for my indiscretions. It won’t happen again. As I just wrote above, all subject matter that I posted has been deleted.


I hope this smoothes over some of the rough road that came between us.


Somehow I used the wrong name in my apology. Here is another apology for mixing the names up.


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I never noticed what happened, but stepping up to the plate like that shows substantial courage and should be a step in the right direction. hm

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Hay mate dont apologise to me .. thats what my posts are for .. to have fun with lol


you all should know by now that i as a English man who collects USA coins i have a skin thicker than a rhino lol


i think i will add you to my friends list for this post :applause:

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