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FSH: Susan B. Anthony Dollar Set in Airtites with Storage Box - SOLD

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For Sale:


Complete set of Susan B. Anthony dollars - 18 coins in all, including 4 proof issues. The entire set is safely holdered in AirTites and stored in an AirTite box on black cards. It's a very attractive way to house this series. I collected this series for a while a year ago, but my collecting has moved to another area so I'm selling this set to put the money into the new series.



This set includes the following:


1979 P - Uncirculated, Narrow rim

1979 P - XF, Wide rim

1979 D - Uncirculated

1979 S - Uncirculated

1979 S - Proof, type 1


1980 P - Uncirculated

1980 D - Uncirculated

1980 S - Uncirculated

1980 S - Proof


1981 P - Uncirculated

1981 D - Uncirculated

1981 S - Uncirculated

1981 S - Proof, type 1


1999 P - Uncirculated (business strike)

1999 D - Uncirculated (business strike)

1999 P - Uncirculated, Special Mint Set Finish

1999 D - Uncirculated, Special Mint Set Finish

1999 P - Proof



The 1979, 1980, and 1981 uncirculated coins came straight out of mint souvenir sets with gloved hands. I'm throwing in the 1979-P wide rim for free; I pulled that particular rarity out of circulation (it's the only one not from a mint set). I'm also including the rarely collected uncirculated 1999 P & D special mint set finished coins. The SMS coins were released in a separate packaging and have a unique, chrome-like finish not seen on the rest of the series. Most collectors are unaware of their existance, but I included a pair straight out of their mint packaging.


Also included are the 4 proofs from the 4 years of production. I included type 1 proof examples of the 1979 and 1981 dollars. The 1980 proof has an attractive golden toning with some slight blue highlights around the edge. It's a beautiful coin and I believe it to be NT (I don't know why anyone would bother ATing the coin, in any case). The type 2 examples would have raised the price of this set by several hundred dollars, so they're not included.



So, in summary, you're getting 18 coins, including BU versions of all business strikes, the SMS finished '99 business strikes, and proofs from all 4 years. The whole set is housed in AirTite direct fit capsules and stored in an AirTite storage box with silica gel packs.


I'm asking $110 which includes shipping and insurance. I would prefer PayPal. Photos on request.


Thanks for reading!

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I put this set together on a budget, Bobby, so you can still start on one yourself if you'd like to. Just go for the mint sets or a single proof at first and work on from there. It's a lot of fun and a great way to learn about a generally underappreciated series!

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I am working on one Michael. I have all 4 of the souvenir sets, and I have the 99' proof. I'm eventually going to buy me some duplicate proof sets for 79', 80', & 81' to finish those. Then I'm gonna throw them all into a dansco. thumbsup2.gif

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