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prezzie bucks

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hot off the presses! prezzie bucks to lose the edge lettering!


according to my july 16 issue of cw the house votes to stop using edge inscriptions on dollar coin.


missing motto on coins prompts amendment. the amendment was approved on june 28th.


however,some legislators point out that the effect of the language of the amendment would be to remove all of the inscriptions plus the date and mint mark from the coin entirely.


stay tuned!




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Don't get your knickers in a wad. Read my post here to get a better understanding of what the rags missed!



Ok... I do this type of policy research for a living, so I decided to see what the story was. I first went to the Clerk of the House to see what roll calls were held on June 28, 2007. According to the Clerk, the house was debating H.R.2829, Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act, 2008. This is a budget bill that covers the Treasury, Executive Office of the President, the Judiciary, the District of Columbia, and a number of other independent agencies.


According to the Congressional Record, 27 amendments were offered and only eleven made it to the floor. Only five were passed. All of the amendments were budget-related and none had anything to do with coinage--although one had to do with the Public Enterprise Fund the Mint deposits the seigniorage.


I searched the version of the bill that was Enrolled by the House (the final version as delivered to the Senate) and did not find any reference to coinage, "In God We Trust," or anything else in this regard. If such an amendment was offered, it DID NOT PASS and is NOT in the version of the bill that was sent to the Senate.


I wish CoinWorld and these other alleged news outlets would stop listening to rumors and do a little research before publishing Bravo Sierra!


Scott hi.gif

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I wonder how this would effect the already circulated dollars if this bill passes and the coins designs are changed. confused-smiley-013.gif

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well now they will NEVER circulate, peolpe cirulated them because they were a curiousity now there just likes Sacs. but with dead guys on em sorry.gif

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