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Cleaning Copper Cents

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Just a little update, in regards to cleaning lincoln cents. About a month ago, someone on this forum recommended for the sixth or seventh time that one of the best methods of cleaning copper cents was olive oil, but said it took about 5 or 6 months. I never bothered because of the time. When I read this the last time I decided what the heck I had three cents that needed cleaning very badly a 1927 P, a 1925 S and one so corroded I could not read the date so 30 days ago I placed them in about 2 inches of olive oil(if only I had taken before photos). Well, as I am impatient, I removed them today and both the 1927 and 1925 S were 3/4 clean and are now handsome coins. The corroded coin is over half clean and the date is readable as a 1913 p lincoln which I believe in 2 to 3 more months will be a gradeable mid or higher grade lincoln. Unbelieveable. I placed it back in clean olive oil as I did with about 20 other coins(4 to a container). These coins merely need cleaning and are not problem coins.

I have after photos of the 1927 and 1925 S but I had already put the 1913 back into oil. Please note that while the 1925 S wheat lines are only half visible-the 1927 are 90 % visible with just two lines joined in one spot.

Olive oil is the cat's meow. I recommend it highly. Thanks to all who recommended it.





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Cool update there JIm. I've heard it works great but haven't tried it yet! Thinking maybe trying that on my FEC that has a little verdigris on it.

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