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1821 Large Cent

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That one has the "funk" of 186 years still attached to it...CSI could probably do a DNA swab and tell who's hand was the last to pass this large cent in trade.


Lots of history there...it just doesn't matter what condition it's in, these are the kind of coins you can hold, examine and ponder where, when and how and not have to worry about the handling part.


These old large coppers are really fun, this one has a low mintage and seems to steadily increase in value each and every year.


Hold onto this one, no matter the condition.



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Hey Shortgapbob


did you find that 1821 or you buy it ? sure will take alot of soaking


i bought mine last year for 20 bucks at a coin show in a junk coin box. the dealer said he could of cried seeing this


ive never seen a 1821and at least for 20 bucks so i jumped on it. Jeff





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This has kind of turned into a post your crusty crappy copper...I got plenty of them.


This is one is corroded green (not PVC, but patina green) but I like it because the reverse is rotated about 40 degrees

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Well, took your advice and used a little olive oil, (never done that before) and it improved the looks somewhat.


Also after reading Woody's post, I noticed the reverse rotation on this one is about 160 degrees.







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Alright guys,


The reason I posted this cent was that it was given to me in order to examine the reverse. If you look closely at the reverse in my first picture, you can see what appears to be a clash. You can see the profile of Liberty fairly well, and make out an LIB in the headband. The supposed clash seemed position fairly well on the reverse to appear legit.


However, I first noticed that there was no signs of clashing on the obverse. But, I thought maybe the coin was just so worn down that there was no clashing evidence left. Then I started examining the reverse "clash" closely and noticed that the hairbrading below the headband did not match the design for any 1821 large cents, but was the design of a later date Coronet Cent from sometime later than 1839.


So, it appears that someone hammered a later date large cent into the reverse of an 1821, rather than the coin having a neat die clash. But, it was an interesting thing to examine anyway. LargeCent1821RevShown.jpg

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I was wondering why you had the image of the reverse inverted, I picked up on that, but as far as noticing another obverse coin imprint there, I did not see it until you pointed it out.


Old time shenanigans...we are not alone.


Any more oddities like this?

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