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70 Proof Set - 10-Piece (NO gold) - Montage

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Once again, let me apologize for the not-so-great photos. Some are better than others. Obviously I'm not using a rig where the pictures are taken at the identical distance. Hence, the Shield Nickel appears smaller than the Three Cent Nickel. This set took quite awhile to assemble and finally photograph. I'd appreciate any comments you might have. Quite a bit of sweat went into this collection. The much larger montage can be seen here.



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Now that is a PROOF set. Very nice, congratulations on getting it together. That would look good in one of the NGC multi-holders.

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Now that is something to be proud of!!!!! What a wonderful set of proofs. I am sure you are quite proud of them, but please get someone to photograph them for you so that we can appreciate them far better. Great job, Prethen.893applaud-thumb.gif

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That is a VERY attractive set. 893applaud-thumb.gif You should be proud of them. It must be fun to have. It must look REALLY nice on your table/desk. thumbsup2.gif

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great set !!! I love older proofs. Now that is a numismatic accomplishment.


I cant imagine how breathtaking that set is in person.




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That is a nice looking set. I would love to see better pictures.

Dwaine, I hear ya man. I have many shots of most of these coins. I picked what I thought would be best for the montage. Did you see the large montage that I linked to? You might see the photos in a bit more detail than you see here. Also, are there particular coins here that photographed worse than others that you'd want to see other shots? I might have some alternate ones I can post here.


I attempted to show color and brilliance versus detail. If I show detail, the coin is dark and lifeless. I can't get all three elements into the same shot. That will take some experimentation later. Take a look at the larger montage.


I plan on getting a 10MP SLR by the end of the year or so. Plus, I'll try to come up with a home contraption to diffusing the light and lighting the coins better. The size differential can be tricky unless I play around with the photos in PhotoShop.

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For those that might be curious, the grades are as follows:

1-Cent = NGC PF65RB

2-Cent = NGC PF64RB

3CS = NGC PF64 (this coin is stellar in hand, a true "monster")

3CN = NGC PF64 (great mirrors for a coin that doesn't always have nice mirrors, with some light cameo)

1/2 Dime = NGC PF64Cameo

5-Cent = PCGS PF64Cameo

Dime = NGC PF64Cameo

Quarter = NGC PF64Cameo (a true gem, has small planchet defect at 11 o'clock on obverse)

Half = ANACS PF64 (color is beautiful)

Dollar = PCGS PF62Cameo (this coin is nicer than most 63's and 64's I've seen)


Several of these coins are upgrade candidates one day and are definitely not maxed out in their holders. I'm not big on cracking out just to get a higher grade, though. These coins are gorgeous in hand.

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As for me, 19th century proof coinage is what I love the most in U.S. coins, they’re just plain awesome and I always enjoy seeing them. Especially complete annual sets that have so many pieces; makes a nice chuck of a type set. thumbsup2.gif


I like your 1870 set very much and would be proud to have any of these coins in my collection, 893applaud-thumb.gif (but I’d really love to have the seated dollar, really love…). They’re a fine looking set of coins that appear (from the photos) to be well matched in quality and eye appeal. cloud9.gif


But these coins do deserve better photos with out the glare. confused-smiley-013.gif


Having assembled my 1883 proof set I know much about the “bit of sweat” which you mentioned, 27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif I also felt there was some luck on my side as I tracked down the coins in my set. insane.gif

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a great killer set bruce and one of the more scarcer sets of the later 1860's to the 1870's


undervalued and sleeper in my opinion as the mintage of the 1870 seated dollar in proof is deceiving as as much as half of the original mintage was melted


also i see it is an extremely well matched original set with all the coins displaying original old time cabinet/set toning


893scratchchin-thumb.gifmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


well it is wonderfully original looking and might have been separated inthe distant past and maybe you lucked out and got some original coins there........... hail.gif


well, either way what counts most is eye appeal and matching toning and patterns and this set has both to an extremely great degreecloud9.gif






superb set bruce and a strong case could be made just based on the eye appeal and toning that this set is an original and not put together set


worth a premium like this all together and quite a better scarcer set to put together like this as compaired to the more common if they can be called common 1890's- 1915 proof sets



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