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Condition vs Cost ( Morgan Key Dates )

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Guys at what point on the key dates does the condition of the coin out way the cost you are paying for it ?


I'm starting on my first complete set of Morgan circulated collection.


Here is a list of what I termed key dates ( Group 1 ) all mintage under 1 million.


1879 - cc 756,000

1880 - cc 591,000

1881 - cc 296,000

1885 - cc 228,000

1886 - s 750,000

1888 - s 657,000

1889 - cc 350,000

1889 - s 700,000

1893 - p 378,000

1893 - cc 677,000

1893 - o 300,000

1893 - s 100,000

1894 - p 110,000

1895 - o 450,000

1895 - s 400,000

1899 - p 330,000


Those are pretty key right and I have been able to find a few of these and they do fit in my price range for the type of circulated collection i'm putting together.


WO-65 .........................Worn Out


Yes I know that finding the 93 -s and 93 - p in this condition is probably going to actually be a reality.


So what would be the most some of you guys would pay for a 93 - s or 94 - p before it being so bad of a deal that you just said I'll wait and pay the big money for a better condition one ?


thanks for the help





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I have a circulated Morgan set I've been working on for a while (been stuck at 8 open holes for a while now), and many of the dates you list aren't really too bad for obtaining a nice VF or higher specimen (like the 86-S or 88-S). For me, no grade is too low on the real keys, especially since there is always the possibility of upgrades later. So, there are a few coins I have that are AG to fill the hole. The other thing to consider is that with the release of GSA hoards, there are many dates where the differential between low grades and MS isn't that great, so in those instances I would wait and go for the better grade.

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