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Anyone submitted GSA Ikes for grading yet?

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Has anyone submitted any of the hardpack GSA Ikes yet for grading? I haven't seen any in person and I'm wondering how the grading is on these Ikes. I've been looking for original nice coins for submission, but they are few and far between. Most are hazy and not that attractive.


I think it would be impossible to assemble a complete PF69UCAM short set.


Is NGC being a little easier on these, has anyone made a PF69UCAM yet?


I'm hoping that NGC does a short set of proofs on the Registry for these.





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When I dragged out my Ikes in the GSA holders (a couple of years back), they looked awful. Hazey was an understatement. I tried dipping one, but found that these are very tough coins to dip properly. I stopped before I ruined the coin. When NCS opened shop, I sent them all of my GSA Ikes and had them passed to NGC. Now they look great, with deep watery fields and frosty devices, and all graded PF68 or 69 UCAM.


After reading a few threads about Ikes packaged this way, I believe the GSA packaging is bad for these coins. I also don't think the GSA package adds anything to the presentation of the coin, and prefer them in the NGC holder.



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Just to clarify something about these Ikes, they are not in "GSA" plastic. AFAIK, the GSA had nothing to do with the sale of these coins. They just happen to be in the same size plastic tomb that was used for the GSA sold Morgans.

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i think that there are no gsa ikes


the only thing the gsa encapsulated were morgan dollars the majority are cc mintmark


now my friend where i live happen to get lucky and he has a seated dollar in a gsa holder!


one of those common dates of seated dollars (1860/59-o?? the exact date excapes me)) if any can be called common??



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