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1958-D Franklin MS66FBL Star

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1958-D is a common date for toned Frankies, but they are still very tough to find in this condition. In hand the obverse is nice and the reverse is a Monster, the image doesn't do it credit.



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Thanks guys for the comments! LucyBop from ATS has volunteered to image the coin, so hopefully in the not too distant future you'll have another look see at the coin. She does amazingly good images of toned Frankies.


Thinking of 1958-D's, it is odd how timing works. At the Santa Clara show I bought two Killer toned raw '58-D's from a mintset. They both were toned on one side (one obverse, one reverse) with iridescent red and green with some fuchsia highlights. The reverse toner was a solid 65 with FBL, but with enough slashes in the FBL that I was pretty sure it wouldn't FBL. The obverse toner was IMO a high end non-FBL 64 or low end 65, that I was hoping the color would give a bump to 65. I sent them in to NGC to be graded and put in a dual coin holder (first time I've ever done that). I just got them back today, about an hour after I started this post.


Unfortunately quality control screwed up so that the reverse toner is rotated 180 degrees (e.g. the clapper is at 12 o'clock). I called up NGC and they said that they would fix that at no charge, so that is nice, and a good testament to their customer service outlook. Anyhow, the reverse toner graded out at MS65 as expected, and the obverse graded a MS66*. Given that there are currently (I just looked) only 38 starred '58-D's out of roughly 3,300 graded I'm a very happy camper. In any case, the two coins look very nice together in the holder. Maybe LucyBop will image these coins too.

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