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Quarter dollar proof error what do you think ?

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Hi all .. i am still cracking 1971 mint sets screwy.gif for my B/D sets and i have just found this 1/4 doller with a very "fat" (seems to be some dubling to the west) In God we trust. i have looked at CP Vol 2 which has no reference to this error.


see what you make of these scans one "normal" and my "Fat" coin thumbsup2.gif










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Kinda hard to tell from the image provided Dooly...seems a bit blurry. To my knowledge, there was nothing significant going on with the 71-S proof quarters.


If there appears to be doubling to the west as you say, it may be nothing more than a slight "machine doubling" (no premium but novel)


Crank up the magnification...steady as she goes.

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Keep in mind that the CPG is only a *very* selective listing. I would guess it contains less than 1% of the interesting things to find out there, but everyone seems to place it on a pedestal. For a more exhaustive listing, check out CONECA's variety master listing. There aren't pictures, but I usually find the diagnostics to be complete enough for identification.

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I see nothing on CONECA's web site regarding this anomaly. I definitely see a difference in the two coins. Send pics to them and maybe you will get an answer or even your name as contributor. Cool! Good luck.

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Hi hi.gif sent the pictures off to see what they think 893scratchchin-thumb.gif




I think i may have worked it out !... how's about this...


is it possable that this proof Obv: is a Mint/general release Obv: with a S mint mark added to the Die and pollished to proof ??

hear is the Philly and the denver coins from mint sets and they both have "fat" ledgends.






what do you think ?


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The "fat" one is sitting lower in the holder than the normal one check out the rim..


i dont want to touch it in case it is unusual.. thumbsup2.gif

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