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Odd Order Status

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I recently submitted 3 invoices and something odd shows on the "My Order Status" screen.


2501318 08/15/03 2 2250.00 Scheduled for Grading


2501317 08/13/03 1 3000.00 Received


2501319 08/13/03 16 750.00 Scheduled for Grading


These were all mailed to NGC in the same package, yet invoice 2501318 shows as being received 2 days later. confused.gif


Invoice 2501317 shows as still being in the "Received" phase a week after it arrived. What is this "received" phase and is it actually going thru the grading process or is it stuck in limbo? It's the one coin I really wanted graded fast. frown.gif






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  • Administrator

Hi Greg.


Hmmm...I am not really sure why the receipt date is two days later on invoice #2501318 but I spoke with receiving to make sure it is scheduled along with other submissions from 8/13 so you don't see a delay.


Regarding the received phase, it is the step where just the basic information about a submission is entered for the sake of logging it in (submitter name & number, number of coins, service type and total value).


The coins are then put in line, based on service priority, to be verified (specific coin details entered) and barcoded. After coins are verified and barcoded, they are in the "Scheduled for Grading" phase.


The number of days it takes in each phase varies depending on volume. So for example, if today we are scheduled to verify Earlybird coins received on 8/13 but we just received a particularly large volume of Walkthroughs, the Walkthroughs are verified first and the Earlybirds may not be verified until tomorrow.


The same is true for any phase in the process. There are times I see folks posting about the amount of time a coin is in Quality control. If we have Express submissions in QC that are due today, we will get those done before Earlybirds in QC that might still be days within their projected turnaround time. With that said, our goal is always to get out as many coins as possible. So, if there are Express and Earlybirds waiting in QC and we can get them all done, we will regardless of the number days left in the projected turnaround time.


Regarding your invoice number 2501317, I am looking into whether or not it is stuck at the received phase due to volume or if there is some other issue. Either way, I'll get it going for you.



Thanks for the inquiry. Sorry for the long winded response.










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