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MyStore Rewards - obnoxious!

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I just made a small coin supply purchase on eBay via paypal and got this in my inbox - I found it SPAMMY, to say the least. I probably won't be doing any further business with this person as a direct result of this nonsense. I don't appreciate my PayPal information and email address being shared automatically when I buy an item.


The email:




Thank you for your recent purchase from [sELLER]. We received your PayPal payment of $8.31 on April 29, 2007. Since you paid with PayPal, you automatically qualify to join our MyStoreRewards program where you can easily earn cash reward rebates on all your purchases (including this one!).


To automatically receive a 2% cash reward rebate right away, and to earn automatic rebates on future purchases, please read and accept these rules by clicking the link below within 7 days of this email.

By clicking the link below you enroll in MyStoreRewards and will receive a 2% cash rebate of the amount shown above. To automatically earn future rebates when you purchase with us, always pay using the PayPal account:[MY EMAIL ADDRESS]. Your PayPal account must remain active and be capable of receiving payments to participate. All rebates are automatically deposited into your PayPal account within 72 hours.

You will not incur any PayPal fees for receiving your rebates. Rebates are paid in the currency of the item purchased and cannot exceed 10.00 in the currency paid, in any 24 hour period. Any refunds for returned items will be reduced by the rebate amount rewarded to you.


By enrolling in MyStoreRewards, you agree to receive periodic emails from my account at www.MyStoreRewards.com. Your email is always kept confidential and you may opt-out of MyStoreRewards at any time. Review our Buyer Privacy Policy here. If you do opt-out of MyStoreRewards, you will no longer be eligible for future cash rewards.

MyStoreRewards is 100% free to my buyers like you. I may cancel the MyStoreReward program at any time.


Yes, I enroll. Please deposit my 2% MyStoreReward rebate in my PayPal account.


No thanks. I do not wish to enroll now or in the future.

If the above opt-in and/or opt-out links do not work for you, copy & paste one of the links below into your web browser.

Yes, I enroll. Please deposit my 2% MyStoreReward rebate in my PayPal account:



No thanks. I do not wish to enroll now or in the future:








This email was sent to you because we promised to send you an invitation to our MyStoreReward program to receive a cash reward if you paid with PayPal. This email contains no advertisements and is integral to your original transaction. This is the ONLY email you will receive inviting you to join the MyStoreReward program from this transaction. You will NEVER be asked for your PayPal password and you should never give that to anyone. MyStoreRewards is a PayPal approved API service and is operated through www.MyStoreRewards.com, which is located at 101 Longwood Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Phone: (919) 338-1502. Copyright © 2003 - 2006 MyStoreCredit, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Oh, and I spell my name Michael with an AE - you wouldn't believe how many people misspell that name.


It's only spelled on your sig line. think I'd get that one right huh? foreheadslap.gif

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That is a bit obnoxious.

It has the look of one of those emails that is going to ask for a password.

With all the bad things you read can happen, it worries me to click on links in emails. My system security should catch any problems but I don't know enough about some of this type stuff to be sure. I may be a bit too paranoid about this. smile.gif

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ANOTHER paypal subsidiary ... I had to effectively say I was going to sue them if they didn't remove me as I had NOT opted in for anything.

This OPT in will get you on every PAYPAL stores mailing list DO NOT DO IT !

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