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WARNING dooly has tried his hand at grading now let the proffessionals.

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Hi all thumbsup2.gif


I have receved this group of coins from a friend in Cumbria which he has just picked up at al local auction room in a job lot of World coins..


he has asked "ME" 27_laughing.gif to grade them and put a value on them for him ? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


So hear i go PLEASE tell me where i have gone wrong or on the off chance where i have gone right 27_laughing.gif


I have fallen one of the coins and it is now on my "got to have it list" 893applaud-thumb.giftakeit.gif


Number 1..


1855 3 cent (holed)..... G-4 but for the hole..... $3




Number 2..



1858 Half Dime Variety 2....G-4 .....$20 less for the circil marks on the Rev




Number 3..


1875 cc Dime Variety 4 (resumed) cc above bow.....F-12.....$15

has large die crack running throught most of Obv letters (dark tone)




Number 4..


1875 Half doller Variety 4 (resumed).....F-12 .....$20




Number 5..


1864 One cent No L 3.1g.....F-12.....$20




And now for the takeit.gif coin mime mime mine 893applaud-thumb.gif


Number 6..


1865 One cent L 3.0g with Longacre's doubling and Luster and much more 893applaud-thumb.gif










Number 7..


1857 one cent Slite broade strike .....VF-20 .....$40




and last but not least


A civil war era 1864 Large Motto two cent Counter stamped S.G.CONGDON


The only refrence i can find to this is: Congdon Brothers Chelsea Mich [CWT 175A-2a/Rev die 1186 Civil war token] so may be from them ??? ....F-12 ... $20????




I hope you have some fun with this post 893applaud-thumb.gif


and remember i have thick skin 27_laughing.gif



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I think you're undergrading a bit. As to that $20 less on the half dime, I don't think there would be $20 in that coin to start with. The seller would end up paying you to take it.


That's a real shame about the hole in the 1855 3CS. That's the toughest date for the Type IIs, and it's a really nice coin otherwise. Maybe EF-40. You're right that it has to be discounted very heavily for a hole.


I'd call the half dime a G-06, but I wouldn't put up a fuss with someone calling it a VG-08.


I think the 1875-CC dime is closer to EF than it is to F. I agree with Mike that it's a EF-40.


I'd call the 1875 quarter a VF-30.


I think I'd call the 1864 cent F-15, but it's got some kind of gunk on it.


I'll leave the 1865 cent for someone else to grade. What are those horizontal parallel lines across the reverse?


The flying eagle is, I think, a VF. The reverse weakness doesn't let me quite go EF. Split it and call it a VF-25 or 30.


And I'd call the two cent VF-20 details because of the strength of the motto.

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Thanks for that


great responce from you 893applaud-thumb.gif


The streaking in the 1865 is the luster but my scanner hates it !!


I see i have lots to learn but i am getting better day by day thanks to you all 893applaud-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gif

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I think you have undergraded most of those coins. Being conservative is good, I generally try to grade a point or two low, but you are pretty low on most of those. I would recommend picking up a copy of Photograde, especially if you are interested in these "World Coins" from this side of the pond. It's a cheap book, and very helpful.

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Thanks for that i will pick the Photo grade book up


I think i am undergrading because i fancy some of the coins for my collection 27_laughing.gif


also with the prices i use a older book to buy (3 to 4 years) i find this a good way of knocking the 10-20% of the coins i buy... Is this a bit Naughty 893naughty-thumb.gif

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I see nothing wrong with trying to get a good deal, as long as you are not ridiculously lowballing with the intent to defraud. Everyone likes a good deal. I like to use the current price guide, but I usually immediately take off 25%, and that is what I want to pay (unless its nice or rare).

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