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Please Help ID Israel Commem

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I don't know. I guess I'm over my head here in more ways than one. I thought I had posted the picture with the message, but now I see it's an attachment, not an insert to the message. When I click on the attachment, it opens up the image, but I have no idea if that's working for anyone else. If not, apologies. I'll try posting it again, but since I obviously have no idea what I'm doing, I wouldn't hold my breath.


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Attachments show up as just that - attachments on the post. They don't get imbedded.


For some reason, this attachment does not seem to want to imbed.



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The image is on the previous message posted.


Can you attach a picture of the reverse of the coin, I will post it on here as well?



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thats it i have all the information now thumbsup2.gif Cheers chad


the coin is a Commemorative coinage 1/2 Lirah copper nickel for the Feast pf purim


Dated JE5721 (1961) if it was a proof it would have small Hebrew letter "Mem" which looks like a letter D close to the rim on the Obv


There was only 20,000 minted of this coin and only 4,901 minted in Proof


hope this is some help hi.gif

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