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1836 O-107 CBH - SUPPOSEDLY on eBay

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I know nothing about these but looking forward to hear what it is. And maybe what is the cause of some letters missing and off-colored.

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From the photos supplied I do not feel this is a O-107 as I think I can make out the shaft under the claw. The photo in Overton die varieties shows the shaft completely missing immediately at the claw, the ebay photos show the shaft I think. If it was an O-107 it would only be an R-3 which in this coins conditioin would not add value-again IMO.

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This ebay seller refers to Edgar Souder's BUST HALF FEVER. Looks like he needs the Overton book also, just to make sure of his attributions. 27_laughing.gif


I also emailed the seller. Thanks GAB for the heads up.

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The seller of this coin gladly changed his listing.

It is very difficult(impossible) to attribute out of the little

Top 100 R4 and R5 Edgar Souders. It's not always easy

even with the Overton(s)!


The CBH in question in this thread is an O-115 (R3 - according to BHNC)

I think it is probably a little more common than that however - based on the

number I see going across eBay. The O-107 is an R4, and is rarely seen

on eBay or any where else for that matter.


As for the missing letters in the E PLURIBUS UNUM scroll.

This was caused by the depth of the bust on the obverse (directly

opposite the scroll). Metal intended for the scroll actually flowed

to the bust. This is fairly common on several of the CBH varieties, as

they seemed to do a lot of "tinkering" with the design trying to get it just

right. I doubt that they understood the physics of metal flow as well as we do

today - so attempting to fix one "problem" sometimes had other unintended



As for the color(s) of the coin - the Lord only knows what it was subjected to over

the last 170 years!! 893whatthe.gif

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